Update 8/3/09 – Otis’ Fate Has Been Decided – VIDEO

Sadly, Otis still sits at the shelter, confined to a cage, yearning to be safe and back in his loving home.  Cruelly tasered twice by Lakewood, OH, police when he slipped out of the door to his home and determined to be a vicious pitbull, Otis’ fate is still to be determined.

If you’re not familiar, read the original story HERE, watch the raw footage video that was released of Otis being tasered by the police.  It’s hard to watch and listen to, the cops calling Otis as he barks and backs away defensively and then is tasered, ensnared by a catch pole, dragged along the ground and then tasered again.

Although I don’t condone, I give the cops the benefit of the doubt on the first tasering, but it seems the only reason Officer Terry Lowther didn’t shoot Otis, although he did pull his gun to do so, was because he was concerned that a bullet might ricochet and hit something other than the dog. Once Otis had been tasered and was on the catch pole, there was no reason whatsoever that he had to be tasered again!! He was no threat to anyone!!

Otis’ owner, Daniel Kier, bears and accept some of the responsibility for what happened, he fell asleep on Saturday morning and the screen door wasn’t properly latched, allowing Otis to escape. I imagine the guilt he feels is tremendous! As dog owners, accidents to happen, dogs do escape even the most responsible of owners. And no, Otis was not tagged either, again something Keir will have to live with, especially if Otis can’t be saved.

On Monday, Otis’ fate may be decided. Is he a vicious pitbull or a scared boxer that just was taking a taste of freedom, cornered by police and animal control?

Now the only way the Daniel get to see Otis is to visit him at the shelter where he is incarcerated and will stay until his fate is decided. On Thursday evening he made just such a visit and a new station catch Daniel and Otis’ visit. They filmed the interaction from a distance so as not to intrude, it is not staged. Take a look at how vicious this dog is! Yeah, really scary.

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“This is him” Kier told Fox 8, there exclusively to witness the interaction. “this is my vicious dog” he said sarcastically.

The interaction was neither staged nor rehearsed. Fox 8 cameras stayed behind a fence so as not to interfere with the interaction in any way. What we wanted to see was genuine.

Otis did not even seem to notice we were there.

The two played ‘fetch’ with a stuffed frog Kier brought to the shelter. Otis’ tongue hung out as he bounced around the lot clearly enjoying the interaction. During a 20 minute visit the dog didn’t bark even once.

Kier says the only time his dog seems to get uneasy is when he sees the warden.

Holding him in his arms, Kier says he cannot believe the amount of support he has gotten from all over the world, as far away as South Africa and Australia.

“I never wanted to be famous for something like this” he said. “Its not about be, though, its all about him, all about him” (Fox 8)

You can hear Otis whimper as Daniel walks away from him.

There is a petition, which as of this writing, has over 5000 signatures, many with pleas to spare Otis’ life, asking the he be allowed to return home with Daniel and saying what they think of the officer’s actions.

Does Otis fit the Ohio statute pertaining to “vicious” dogs? You decide;

Ohio allows statutory definition of vicious dog – City of Toledo v. Tellings, 871 N.E.2d 1152, 114 Ohio St.3d 278 (Ohio 2007)

[30]{13} “(4)(a)’Vicious dog’ means a dog that, without provocation and subject to division (A)(4)(b) of this section, meets any of the following:
[31]{14} “(i) Has killed or caused serious injury to any person;
[32]{15} “(ii) Has caused injury, other than killing or serious injury, to any person, or has killed another dog.
[33]{16} “(iii) Belongs to a breed that is commonly known as a pit bull dog. The ownership, keeping, or harboring of such a breed of dog shall be prima-facie evidence of the ownership, keeping, or harboring of a vicious dog.”
[34]{17} R.C. 955.22(A) states:
[35]{18} “As used in this section,’dangerous dog’ and ‘vicious dog’ have the same meanings as in section 955.11 of the Revised Code.”

Based on this, it doesn’t seem to me that he can be declared a vicious dog unless these imbeciles continue to insist that Otis, an obvious boxer, is a pitbull, a “breed” banned by Lakewood, OH and without paperwork saying otherwise, they may just do that… and be able to get away with it!!

Oh, and Daniel also hasn’t been allowed to have a DNA test done on Otis either. Wonder if someone’s afraid that might bolster that Otis is a boxer??

What Can You Do?

My friends, below I have listed some contact information for some individuals in Lakewood, OH.  We need to step this up!  Call and email ASAP!!

Edward FitzGerald
Mayor’s Office
12650 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
(216) 529-6600
email – mayor@lakewoodoh.net

City Council
Lakewood City Hall
12650 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
(216) 529-6055
email: council@lakewoodoh.net

The seven members of the city council include:
Kevin Butler – Ward 1
(216) 221-7953
email: butler@councilmanbutler.com

Thomas Bullock – Ward 2
(216) 337-1318
email: tom.bullock@lakewoodoh.net

Michael Summers – Ward 3
(216) 228-6905
email: mike.summers@lakewoodoh.net

Mary Louise Madigan – Ward 4
(216) 228-9578
email: mary.madigan@lakewoodoh.net

Nickie J. Antonio – At Large
(216) 221-4421
email: nickieantonio@aol.com

Michael Dever – President – At Large
Home (216) 221-6737
email: michael_dever@sbcglobal.net

Brian E. Powers – At Large
(216) 496-3238
email: bpowers@lazorpoint.com

Police Chief
Timothy J. Malley
(216) 521-6773
email: police@lakewoodoh.net

Animal Control
(216) 529-5020

Please remember that when you make contact, be polite!!  State your thoughts, make your points but be polite and concise.  Ranting, raving and being angry will only hurt the cause!

Let’s work together and do everything we can to SAVE OTIS!!

If anyone has any more info, contacts, etc. please be sure to post or contact me so that I can add it!

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