Update 9/16/09 – A Happy Ending for a “Vicious” Dog – Snaps Gets a Second Chance

Nisha Hayes, the oldest kid (now 16) who was part of the gang accused of using a pit bull in a violent attack against two women, has pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree assault, third-degree assault and minor in possession of liquor.

Here is an account of the attack. And please pay close attention to her role in this.

The charges are linked to the incidents that occurred on June 21 when a 63-year-old woman saw four kids kicking a pit bull.

Thinking the kids may be in trouble, the woman said she pulled over and asked if they were OK.

The oldest girl responded by saying, “Get out of here, (expletive), this is none of your business,” the statement said. The teen then asked if the woman was a police officer, and the woman responded that she could call the police.

The girl then grabbed the woman, who was still wearing her seat belt, and yanked on her hair, detectives said. The girl then took the woman’s cell phone and began beating her over the head with it until it “blew up,” the document said.

When the woman tried to escape the attack by exiting through a different car door, the teen ran after her, grabbed her by the hair and began beating her all over the head, neck and torso in the middle of the road, according to the statement.

A man said he ran up to the group and said police were on their way as he had called 911. The document said the teen appeared unaffected and kept repeating, “(Expletive) it’s my dog and I can kill it if I want, I can do what I want.”

When the four teens began to walked away, a 41-year-old woman who saw what had happened told the oldest girl to stay so she can explain what had happened to police.

The teen then attacked the woman, knocking her to the ground before punching her in the head and face, the statement said.

Detectives said the dog joined in the fray, egged on by the teens, and became increasingly violent. It attacked the woman, and her left arm was wounded so deeply that her bone was exposed.

“I should have let my dog kill that (expletive),” the girl later told detectives.


Snaps, the dog, is being held by Animal Control for he has been deemed vicious and may be beyond rehabilitation.  His fate is still undecided.

Excuse me? Who was the vicious one here? I mean, Holy Leash and Collar Set, Batman…  I would of insisted that girl get rabies tested herself!

Hayes faces up to 36 weeks in juvenile detention, however, prosecutors plan to ask for an exceptional sentence of up to 52 weeks. She is scheduled to be sentenced on October 8.

She was seen abusing Snaps by kicking him along with the other little snakes in the grass.  Then she beats two women and orders the dog to attack, seriously wounding both of them.   And she gets, what, maybe a year in juvenile detention?   That’s an exceptional sentence?

Congratulations Mom and Dad, you’ve seen your 16-year-old graduate early from the School of Psychopath.  Hold your heads high.  If you happen to pass by here, please read this post about Chapman and Byrd.

I’m sorry, but I think the wrong animal has been deemed *beyond rehabilitation*.


Andrea, could agree with you more!  Here is a “child,” a teen who will no doubt graduate on to more vicious and violent crimes. I’d like to know what 36 or even 52 week in detention are going to do except to teach her more and  better ways to break the law and be a more effective sociopath? When I see “kids” like this, it makes me afraid for the future!

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