PreciousPrecious, the poor lab-mix girl that was found laying on Dawn Drive on June 23 and at the time thought dead is still recovering from her horrific ordeal of abuse! When Precious was examined after being removed from James Logan’s custody, she was found to be heartworm positive and doctors found dirt and rocks in her stomach!

Both Precious and Logan’s other dog, Roxy were removed and Logan was cited for not having any proof that his animals had been vaccinated for rabies. He’s also accused of cruelty, for not providing food and clean water. He maintained the cruelty accusation was not true.

Obviously a Richmond County Magistrate disagreed with him! At a hearing yesterday Logan was ordered not to own any more animals, to pay $1500 in fines and restitution and to perform community service.

Diane Downs, Augusta Animal Services, says, “Basically, the message is, if you own an animal, you need to take care of that animal to include good water, shelter, proper veterinary care.”

Precious has had a few people interesed in adopting her and we can only hope that she’ll recover fully and find a well deserved loving home!

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