A couple of weeks ago I brought you the horrific story of the little puppy that was set on fire by, sorry, allegedly by, two young Memphis men, Vincent Boykin, 20, and Tristan Hataway, 18. Sadly, I just got an update this morning about the puppy, who was named Hope by her rescuers, one I hoped not to get.

Hope, a 12 week old shepherd mix puppy, was burned over 55% of her body and although doctors worked diligently, even using state or the art laser therapy, the little girl developed pneumonia. This is the update I received;

“It is with sorrow that I must tell you that Hope did not survive the injuries inflicted upon her. It was just too much for her and in spite of everything that was done to help her, most of her body had been injured and she then went on to develop pneumonia. The decision was made to euthanize her which was the most humane thing to do. We will carry her in our hearts. No one had the right to do this to her. The Memphis Anti-Cruelty Taskforce will speak for her in the courtroom until this case is concluded.”

Today, August 14, 2008, Vincent Boykin 20 and Tristan Hathaway 18, the two responsible for sadistically torturing Hope and causing her death will appear in court. Please pray for justice.

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