SandySandy, the nine month old terrier puppy that was viciously abused by three Alamamogodo teens, touched the hearts of many, few more so than many students at several area schools; Yucca Elementary School, Alamogordo High School and Cloudcroft High School and Middle School.

“To date, students have raised over $3,000 for Sandy,” said R.J. Jones, manager of the Alamogordo Animal Control facility. “But her treatment cost a lot more than that, so we hope people will continue to help.”

“She’s up and walking,” Jones said. “We are so grateful for this kind of help, and these children who are raising funds to help her certainly deserve recognition.”

Three students from Cloudcraft, Raymond, Estrella and Mechelle Martinez, presented Jones with $126.

“We asked the kids at school to give their milk money and lunch money to help the puppy,” Mechelle Martinez said.

“We told them that anything they had to give would help this puppy,” Estrella Martinez added. “And all of them that we asked gave whatever they could. We want to do everything we can to help her.”

Students at Alamogordo High School raised $804.17 which gave to Jones for care of Sandy.

Alicia Laperuta and Rebecca Westfall, Yucca Elementary School students, collected $60.41 with their friends, Alexis Bertsch, Jamani Meldcon and Lana Anderson.

“We got the picture of the puppy from the paper and went around the school and neighborhood,” said Rebecca. “And we asked if they would like to give money to help the poor puppy that was hurt by those awful kids, when the puppy didn’t do anything to them.”

Sandy is under the care of veterinarian, Dr. Chris Staley, and is reported to be doing much better.

“I just learned that the Otero District Attorney has ordered that Sandy remain in the custody of Dr. Staley until after the trial,” Jones added. “After that, she will be available for adoption.”

Jones says they well be doing extensive background checks on anyone applying to adopt Sandy to make sure that she will be going into a safe and loving home free of any dangers of abuse.

Source – Alamogordo Daily News – Story 1, 2

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