smiley-kyleyTold you the other day that Smiley was rescued and is safe at Rescue Pups, well, got an update on the boy that I wanted to share. I can tell you it has me grinning and I hope you will all enjoy it as much as I did. Oh, and Smiley is now Kyley, a new name for a new start. 🙂

This comes from Alicia at Rescue Pup;

Meet Kyley, a 3 year old Boxer/Basenji/Chow mix. By no fault of his own, Kyley (we re-named him) found himself at a rural small shelter. OK…………..this is the amazing part………..he remained there for almost 2 YEARS!!!! Folks who came in to adopt him were turned down. Volunteers who wanted to adopt him were turned down. Kyley was labeled as aggressive because he would jump up on his kennel run and pull towards cats as he walked by their cages and was mouthy at the lead when he was taken out for his quick potty break. My very first thought when I was told this is……I’d do the same thing if not worse if I was locked up for 2 years! By the way…….Kyley never went potty in his run. He would hold it for 2 days straight until someone took him out. More times than not he would only get out every other day. Because of this…..he developed a pretty bad urinary tract infection.

After 18 months of being locked up…..Kyley was going to be killed. A couple came forward and sued the shelter to the tune of spending $50,000 for his case. The trial lasted for months until the judge finally decided in the shelters favor. The shelter could now do what they wanted with Kyley…….which everyone knew was to have him put down. The next day…..someone broke into the shelter in the middle of the night and stole Kyley. Everyone thought he was now finally free and no one knew exactly where he was. April 1st, 2009……Kyley was spotted at the local dog park. The sheriff was called and Kyley was loaded up to once again return to the shelter. A woman on the Board of Directors for the shelter was also called. She went down to the shelter and saw Kyley. She also offered to adopt him…….and was turned down! She then worked endlessly to find some kind of solution to get Kyley out of there and save his life. That is when Rescue Pup was contacted. We spent a week negotiating with the Board of Directors until we were given the green light that we could take Kyley into our rescue.

Kyley was legally transferred over to Rescue Pup on Friday April 24th. He has now been at his foster home for 5 days and is an amazing boy! He will practically do back flips to please anyone…….you can see it in his eyes…….he just wants to please and be loved. This boy endured 2 long years at a rural shelter with hardly any attention. I’ve seen dogs go crazy after 3 weeks in a shelter. I’m simply amazed that he has come through this ordeal without any behavioral issues that we have seen so far. He is being treated for his urinary tract infection and a nasty rash which he has had well over a year now. He knows basic commands like sit and down. He is learning to walk well on a lead and be OK with the foster mom’s cats. We truly have not seen one ounce of aggression in him. How this sweet boy could have ever been labeled as “unadoptable” is beyond me.

We now will begin to look for a forever loving home for Kyley. Who ever is lucky enough to have Kyley in their lives will be blessed with an amazing companion. Kyley survived what most dogs would not! If you know of anyone who has experience with dogs and is looking for that special one………tell them about Kyley:) Below is a picture of him immediately after the “official” transfer. He hopped right into the car as if he knew he was home free! He even smiled for the camera.

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