Dragged Dog in Clayton, GA - Sparky In the beginning I told you about Sparky, the dog that was dragged on Frontage Road, just off Interstate 75 Exit 237 in Clayton, GA.

Sadly, there’s been no progress in finding the person who so callously did this to this poor little guy and the reward is now up to $6,800 for information leading to the arrest and conviction.

But I did want to bring you an update on how Sparky’s doing. He’s been recovering at Paces Ferry Vet Clinic under the care of Dr. Merritt and hisSparky - picture taken 8/3/07 progress is wonderful!

Atlanta Pet Rescue has been posting updates on his story and I thought I would pass them along.

Sparky is a 1 year old, 28 pound Terrier mix. He’s cute as a button, and very sweet, which makes it all the harder to believe that a “human” would intentionally inflict such horrific injuries on a helpless dog. Sparky was tied to the bumper of a car by his leash and dragged behind the vehicle on July 26th. He survived when his head slipped out of the collar, and he was quickly picked up by passers by who took him to Animal Control.

Sparky was taken to a veterinary clinic where he received immediate attention for his massive abrasions, many to the level of bone or muscle. The pads on all four feet are gone, as are the toenails and the tops of his feet, and extending up his forelegs. All four are bandaged, and will need to be changed twice a week and his wounds cleaned. Fortunately, Sparky will be under anesthesia so he won’t feel the pain. He has staples holding the skin over some areas where he has open wounds, but where the skin is gone, he’s exposed to the elements. Most of his wounds are weeping and infected. He’s been given a pain patch to help manage his horrific pain at this time, and he’s taking lots of antibiotics to try to get the infection under control.

The doctors at Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic have taken over Sparky’s care for now. The staff cannot believe that he is able to walk and show interest in the world in his condition.

Sparky will probably need skin grafts once the infection is under control, but for now, he is living on the line, happy to be alive, but flirting with death because of the great risk of infection overtaking him.

Sparky will need months to heal, and the estimates for his overall medical care are in the $6,000-$8,000 range. We have created a Sparky’s Fund to pay for medical care for dogs with extraordinary illnesses or injuries, in hopes that other dogs like Sparky can be saved. If you’d like to contribute, please click – Donate.

Update 8/07/07: Sparky is getting some special intensive care at Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic where they can keep an eye on him at all times and give him the extra special care and attention he deserves. Your donations have made this possible! The vet says that she is so impressed and happy with how well Sparky is doing. We know that all of your well wishes are helping this guy! Thank you all!

Update 8/09/07: Dr. Merritt at Paces Ferry Vet Clinic reports that Sparky’s feet are improving daily – as a matter of fact, they have been surprised with how well his feet are healing. He wags his tail at the staff and has the best temperament anyone could ever hope for. Still no guess about when our precious boy will be “out of the woods” as his wounds are so severe that none of the vets know what to expect. He is being pampered by the loving hands of the entire Paces Ferry staff and given plenty of pain relief and antibiotics to hopefully control any infection that might occur from the wounds. Keep your well wishes and hopes for his recovery coming! We promise to keep you posted with any news or progress!

Update 8/14/07: Sparky had a bandage change and check up today and was in good spirits when we picked him up. His back legs were a little shaky, but bandage change days are hard for him. He did have a kiss to give, and a few tail wags to share, and that was a comforting sight to see! His foster mom reports that Sparky is being brave, but is in a lot of pain this week. Friday he goes back to the doctor for another bandage change and this time for surgery, too, to help close his wounds.

Update 8/18/07: Another bandage change revealed foot pads that are starting to grow back, and maybe a hint of toenails, too. No surgery was performed, and his side and hip wounds are still open, but slowly shrinking in size. He still has an exposed ligament on his right shoulder, but tissue is starting to grow and cover it. All in all, he’s hanging in there! Still fragile, and on strict confinement.

Update 8/20/07: Sparky’s spirit seems to be healing just as nicely as his wounds. In spite of all his pain and obvious discomfort he eagerly welcomes gentle ear scratching and now whimpers with excitement when he hears me coming. He even jumped up to put his paws on my lap! His appetite is good and he is walking much better on the leash. Understandably, he still panics at the site of any motor vehicles, even parked cars but we are gently working on this. Overall, we couldn’t be happier watching his progress and helping Sparky through this journey of recovery.

Update 8/27/07: Wow! Sparky is doing so well. The margin of skin growth around his wounds is amazing! He is even growing hair around the outer edge of the wound on his side. Although he currently has a touch of kennel cough, he is happy and eating well. The doctors have indicated that the pads on his feet look great. And at this time he no longer needs a pain patch either! He remains on oral antibiotics and pain relief but we couldn’t be happier with his progress.

It’s wonderful to get some good news, now if the person who did this could just be found!! thank you Atlanta Pet Rescue for keeping us updated on Sparky’s progress and a special thanks to all those wonderful people who have donated to his care and reward.

Sparky’s still not available for adoption due to his injuries but if you are looking to adopt a dog, please, please, please, keep in mind that there are thousands and thousand of dogs in shelters and rescues that desperately need homes! Adopt a dog, Save a life!

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