Less than 2 weeks ago I shared with you the story about pleas for  suffering dog in Johnstown, PA being ignored by authorities.  Tamira Thayne, founder of Dogs Deserve Better tried desperately to get help for two dogs, St. Bernards, that were in severe shape, stuck on an abandoned piece of property, emaciated, matted beyond belief.  The Human Society wouldn’t help, the police department wouldn’t help and one of the dogs died.  There’s also a question of where the other St. Bernard disappeared to and why the “guardian” of these dogs has been able to get away with what is, to us, obvious animal cruelty.

You can watch the videos from the original story HERE and the follow up below;

Update #2: St. Bernards Suffering in Johnstown, PA: Inconsistencies in the Case, August 5th, 2009

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This is the 2nd update on the St. Bernard case in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Thayne points out the inconsistencies between what the dog guardian has told the police and what he has told Thayne and the media. This case STILL needs to be pushed and investigaged, the police still need to be called on their failure to do their job.

ON WJAC they stated “police could not get a warrant.” Let’s clarify to that to “refused to get a warrant. Didn’t try to get a warrant. Didn’t even get out of their vehicle or otherwise life a finger other than telling the little women to get home to their menfolk.” Yeah, that’s more like it.

Watch the video, watch all three videos, and tell the West Hills Police Department you want the following action: 1. You want to know HOW the first St. Bernard died, you want to see evidence of euthanasia by a vet. 2. You want to know WHERE the second thin, matted up St. Bernard is and what is being done to help him. 3. You want to know why this dog’s life was not important enough to take action on.

Tell them you want: a 24 hour system whereby anyone can get help for a suffering animal at any time. Vet help. The help they need, not a bullet to the head. Period.

West Hills Police 814.255.4145
Cambria County Humane Society 814.535.6116
Mark Miller Dog Warden 814.623.3945 (This phone has had this same message for at least two months. I was given the Somerset Dog Warden’s phone number for another case. Left him 3 messages, and never received a return phone call.)

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