A few days ago I told you about 170 dogs and cats being euthanized at Tangipahoa Parish Animal Shelter. There were allegations that the mass euthanization didn’t need to happen as well as that they were performed by heartstick without sedation, a cruel and inhumane method.

At least two shelter employees resigned due to the incident, Betsy Pittman, who was the euthanasia technician for the shelter and Mary Ann Newcomb a shelter worker who came forward with the story of the euthanasia without sedation.

Well, last nite the issue went before the Tangipahoa Parish Council in Amite.

The day I did the original story, Wayne Roberts who volunteers with the American Boston Terrier Rescue in TX, wrote me to tell me about his experiences with the shelter. American Boston Terrier Rescue had pulled numerous dogs from Tangipahoa Parish Animal Shelter in the past and had high praise for the shelter itself and and workers there.

I can assure you that the volunteers and paid shelter workers have always been cooperative and delighted that we were able to take dogs and give them a second chance.

The shelter was clean and well organized and staffed by people who were polite & who seemed to care.

I cannot speak for the Shelter Director, the Vet involved or the Parish Administration – all of whom need to be euthanized BUT the shelter workers were among the best we’ve dealt with.

Last night he followed up with me about the Parish meeting. Here’s his take on it. Quite interesting.

We just got back from the Tangiaphoa Parish meeting in Amite, LA. It was wild. They would only allow 100 people into the meeting, leaving probably 300 or more standing outside. The police were searching everybody for guns. Channel 4 TV from New Orleans was there plus all the local newspapers.

The State Attorney General and the Parish Attorney advised that they have launched an investigation into the Shelter, not only because of this event but also because of other issues through the past few years.

A worker from the Shelter spoke and told the crowd that the Shelter Director and the Parish President both contacted her and told her IF she spoke at the meeting, she would never work in the Parish again. She received a 7 MINUTE standing ovation from the crowd.

Throughout the entire meeting, none of the Parish Council members would speak, and several pushed their microphones away from their table. Several major rescue groups were present and ALL the names & photos of the 170 killed animals were read and shown by members of these groups. The Parish Council members refused to look at the crowd or the photos so the rescue group members, once they had finished reading the names, placed the names and photos in front of the council members on their table.

Finally, the Parish President stood up and told the crowd to leave, and that the meeting would not continue until the entire audience left. Nobody moved and the Parish President threw down his paperwork and left the meeting hall.

It was obvious the Parish Council could care less – and the Parish President (an elderly man) was furious that people would have the gall to disrespect him by taking up for a bunch of dumb animals.

Surprisingly, I think there may be more about this hitting the news in the near future.

BTW, they have terminated all the employees at the shelter and the shelter is closed “pending investigation”. It’s just too bad for the animals that need to be rescued.

Below is a scanned the Press Release that was given out at the meeting.

Press Releaase

Click on the picture to see a larger image.

I’ll also be looking for more follow-up on this.

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