In May, three teenage boys, one 13 and two 14 yr olds were arrested for setting a dog on fire on May 15th, ultimately leading to it’s death. At the time animal rescuers called it one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they had ever seen. Then unbelievably it came to the attention of authorities that these same boys had done the very same thing just days previously on May 9! So now the three boys were each facing two charges of aggravated animal cruelty.

In June on of the 14 yr old plead guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 60 days in a detention center and 24 months probation.

Yesterday, the 13 yr old and second 14 yr old appeared in Bibb County Juvenile Court and pleaded guilty to dousing two dogs with lighter fluid and setting them on fire. They both received the same sentence as the first boy in June, 60 days of detention, two years of probation, and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Protesters were gathered outside the court in the heat carrying signs and they also delivered a petition to the judge asking that the boys be prosecuted.

Sadly, when the judge asked the boys if they understood why people were so upset they said that they didn’t.

“It was a horrible thing to happen, a horrible way for any animal to die or anything to die – to be set on fire and burned to death alive is a horrible thing,” said Donna Conaway of the Heart of Georgia Humane Society. She said she found this case particularly disturbing.

And almost as disturbing is that after the horrific burnings of the dogs, they continued to commit crimes!!

The 14-year-old admitted to two felony counts of entering an auto, one which happened May 22 and another that happened July 22, as well as one count of shoplifting.

The 13-year-old also admitted to the July 22 entering an auto charge, a shoplifting charge and a 2006 burglary incident.

And these two boy along with their third cohort will be back on the streets very soon. I have little faith that 60 days detention or 24 months of probation will deter them from the lives of crime and violence they have embarked on. We’ll be hearing about them again!

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