ZeusIt looks like the final decision on Zeus’ fate will come down before the end of the week. The Oteros have done everything they could for Zeus, including appeal to the governor. The public has demonstrated, behaviorists have submitted their reports, support has been almost unanimously in favor of saving Zeus! The decision has been delayed again and again due to the Otero’s appeals, but time is up.Gilbert and Ana Otero

Tampa, Florida – By the end of the week, Gilbert and Ana Otero should learn whether their German Shepherd will be euthanized or classified as a ‘dangerous dog’ and returned to them.

A judicial assistant to Sarasota County Judge Phyllis Gallen confirmed via phone Monday that a decision will come this week.

In March, Zeus attacked a Verizon repairman who came to the Oteros’ home in Nokomis in March. Since then, Zeus has been in the care of Sarasota County Animal Services, even though the repairman’s injuries did not require stitches. According to the police report, the repairman suffered a tear to the left knee, a puncture and tear to the right arm and punctures and scratches on to his back.

A special magistrate and a judge ruled that Zeus should be euthanized. In a July 6th hearing, the Oteros made their third attempt to appeal those rulings.

Jennifer Dietz, the Tampa animal law attorney who represents the Oteros, says she’s been told Judge Gallen has taken so long to issue this decision because she has so much paperwork to go through.

“[Judge Gallen] has at least 200 papers to go over from the Oteros alone,” Dietz said.

The Oteros hired Dietz earlier this month. Dietz has spent nine years in animal law and chairs the Animal Law Committee of the Florida Bar Association and says she is working the case pro bono, with some compensation from Sarasota in Defense of Animals.

Both sides have submitted their paperwork and are now waiting on the judge to decide what’s next.

Dietz expects Judge Gallen to issue her decision late this week.

Repeated calls to Flick and his attorney have not been returned. (Tampa Bay 10)

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