Wicomico County Humane Society’s kennels which had been put under quarantine due to a highly contagious virus which has infected dogs there has now been cleared but the kennel will remain closed for another week as a precaution.

On Wednesday, Wicomico’s humane society closed its kennels to the public due to an unknown illness that may have led to the death of one its dogs last weekend.

Linda Lugo, the agency’s executive director, said they received word today that they are clear of dog flu, but are in the middle of testing for distemper, a viral disease in dogs. Nasal swabs were also taken today to check for other possible clue on what made their dogs ill.

Until then, Lugo said the agency was advised to take things slow for a little while longer.

“We were just told as a precaution to keep our kennels closed until at least (next) Saturday,” she said.

In the meantime, Lugo said the humane society is still taking cat visitations and taking in stray dogs to be housed. (The Daily Times)

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