Joining animal advocacy groups, Congressman Lantos wrote a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to “act swiftly and forcefully” if the Atlanta Falcons quarterback was involved in dog fighting on his former property.

Lantos is even urging government intervention if the NFL does not take measures.

“I am outraged that one of the National Football League’s superstars is affiliated with such a heinous enterprise. The level of cruelty involved in exploiting animals to the point that 60 malnourished and injured dogs were removed from Mr. Vick’s property is mind boggling. I will view anything less than the strongest repudiation of Mr. Vick’s involvement as tacit support for this atrocious activity.

As evidence of Mr. Vick’s involvement mounts, I implore you to act swiftly and forcefully. Your strong rebuke of dog fighting – and those who promote it – will send the message that this all-too-prevalent practice has no place in a civilized society.

I also suggest you educate your players on the illegality and cruelty of dog fighting to prevent this from happening again,” Lantos wrote. “It is my hope that the issue of animal fighting will not require us to further investigate the behavior of your athletes.”

As of today, no charges have been filed against anyone but on Monday investigators are scheduled to meet and review evidence gathered in the weeks since this debacle began.

Surry County Commonwealth’s Attorney Gerald Poindexter said Wednesday that as many as six to 10 people could be involved.

Dog fighting is a felony in Virginia.

“I’m convinced from what I saw that dog fighting has occurred down there, but who was involved in it I don’t know at this point,” Poindexter said. “We’re going to find out.” (Richmond Times Dispatch)

Evidence seems to be mounting in the case, sources have said that a police informant saw Michael Vick, a Newport News native, at dog fights. Video is also said to exist putting Vick at a scene he claims to know nothing about.

Mark Kumpf of the Virginia Animal Control Association explained, “You are looking at a piece of evidence that clearly could refute suspect’s statements that ‘I was never there.'”

They are informants that Kumpf said have proven trustworthy in the past. The informants said they have seen Michael Vick at dog fighting events and suggest there may be a video tape of Vick at a dog fight out there too.

“They have seen Michael Vick at alleged dog fighting events or they have alleged that video tape exists of one of those events,” Kumpf said.

If those informants are telling the truth and there is a video somewhere out there, the case against Vick could be a strong one. (WAVY TV)

There have been many questions as to why no charges have been filed to date with so much information and evidence. Hopefully this week will see some changes.

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