LADY1This sweet little Lhasa mix is Lady.  She is 13 years old and only about 13-13 lbs.  Last Wednesday night she darted out of the house when something caught caught her eye and hasn’t been seen since.  This is a desperate plea going out to anyone in the Troy, MI area or anyone who has contacts in that area.

Lady’s pet parent is one of our own dear FTLTD friends, Peggy Juliann and Peggy has been searching night and day in the frigid MI weather for Lady even though her own health is not the best and is getting worse for the stress and worry.

Please, I ask you, can you help to get this information out!  A little dog like Lady’s chances get worse every hour if she’s out in the winter weather.

Below is a pic of the flier that is being handed out with all the info as well as en email address that’s been set up specifically for anyone with info on Lady.  You can also download the flier PDF – HERE, just right-click and save to your computer.


It’s been posted on Facebook on the FTLTD page – HERE – if you’d like to share it on your profile, just click the share button there.

Peggy’s asked that this doesn’t get posted on Craigslist or place like that because of unscrupulous people out there who may try to take advantage of the situation although she’s already got it set up how to meet people safely.

Thank you all for your attention and consideration.  Please help to bring Lady home to Peggy for Christmas, you can imagine this would be the best present she could possible get!

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