Pitbull BurglarFirst off, let me tell you, this is not what you think! 🙂

Rosie Sanchez was no doubt terrified when she got call Wednesday that her home was being broken into, she had two small dogs inside and children that could come home from school.  Needless to say, she rushed home as quickly as she could only to see the culprit being led away… by a rope around his neck.  The culprit in this case was a pitbull.

Turns out a neighbor saw the pittie roaming and scratching at the window of Ms. Sanchez’s home, trying to get at the two little dogs inside, a Chihuahua and a Yorkie.  A few minutes later she saw the dog at the window again, but on the other side.  Seems the “burglar” managed to get through a poorly locked door and inside the house.

As for the two furry little canine targets inside, well, seems they all played together for about an hour before animal control showed up to capture the four-legged furry home invader.

Pitbull Burglar 2The little dogs were fine, can’t say the same for the condition of Ms. Sanchez’s home though.  Seems the furry invader was a bit of a tornado in the house and left quite a wreck behind him.

The neighbor, Diane Sessions, even managed to capture the whole incident on her camera.  She was amazed that the little dogs were okay.

Now Ms. Sanchez is laughing over the incident and will have quite the story to tell and if her dogs could talk, just imagine what they would say… LOL

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Pitbull Burglar 1As for the “vicious” home invader, well, he’s making his home at Houston’s Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care for now and they will see if an owner steps forward to claim him. If not he’ll be put up for adoption. Doesn’t look like he’s gonna live up to that vicious rep that pitties have though. Looks like his break-in was the result of wanting to hang out and play… LOL

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