To be honest I have to say this comes as not surprise to me. After covering this from the beginning and writing numerous posts

Story after story, the inevitable kept coming closer and closer. It was just a matter of time until the links showed themselves. Now lets see something get done about this!

Read the story below, from

Vick active in dog-fighting at house he owned, sources say – 08:33 PM EDT on Monday, May 14, 2007 – Two different sources in law enforcement say NFL quarterback Michael Vick not only knew about the dog fighting at a house he owned, but that he was an active participant at the fights that allegedly took place behind the house.

When investigators took a peek behind Vick’s property last month, they found dozens of pit bulls with cuts and scars. They discovered a fighting ring, treadmills and blood soaked carpeting, but they also found documents they say, “Absolutely link Vick to the dog-fighting operation.”

In the nearly three weeks since the bust, investigators tell 13News they’ve interviewed multiple people who say they went to dog fights on the property and saw Vick there.

They’re also investigating posts on an underground dog fighting web site.

In 2003, a breeder with the name MV Kennels boasted about having dogs capable of killing in 14 minutes. An entry for a dog named Maggie Mae said, “Nothing lived long enough to fight back.”

Two men identifying themselves as friends of Vick seemed to be doing landscape work at Vick’s home Monday, days after Vick sold the property.

Initially Vick said he’d never been to the house, though numerous neighbors told us he was there regularly.

In a weekend press conference, Vick declined to talk about the case.

“The situation is still under investigation,” said Vick. “And my attorneys have advised me not to talk about it right now.”

Yet with all this evidence, there are no charges yet. Investigators say they’re frustrated with the Commonwealth’s Attorney who’d be the one to file those charges. They say he has not even scheduled a meeting to review the evidence.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Gerald Poindexter would not talk to us on camera but said off-camera, “They have not requested a meeting with me. That is a lie.”

But both sources said they’ve tried repeatedly to reach Poindexter.

One investigator had multiple attorneys with dog fighting case law experience call Poindexter to offer help. The investigator says Poindexter never called back, yet Poindexter told us the case is wrapping up.

“There should be a conclusion in 7 to 10 days,” he said.

He would not disclose any parts of the investigation, saying lawyers who do that are despicable, and he would not say if now he plans to call a meeting with investigators.

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