As Michael Vick continues to scramble amid allegations of his dogfighting involvement and tries to distant himself, more rumors of his interest in dogfighting are coming to light.

Report: Vick Dog Fighting ‘Common Knowledge on the Falcons’ – A WDAE radio report is the latest piece of very, very bad news for Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL. Fox Sports Radio’s Chris Landry reported yesterday that Vick’s involvement in dog fighting “was common knowledge on the Falcons.”

Landry also said dog fighting is commonplace among football players and that Vick has been a ringleader: “I think it’s going to involve a lot more players because Michael’s been recruiting them,” Landry said. (Read the full story here)

At a three day minicamp Vick showed up looking like he didn’t have a care in the world wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘Pay the Price’. Under an avalanche of questions, Vick responded, “I know y’all are here to talk about the ongoing investigation back home in Virginia. As of right now, that situation is still under investigation. My attorney has advised me not to talk about the situation right now. That’s the best thing.”

He did ‘vow to change his ways’ and when asked to be more specific Vick replied, “You’ll have to wait and see. Just don’t plan on talking about me anymore unless it’s about football.”

And this just a day before the latest story about his ‘common knowledge involvement’ with dogfighting.

Vick wouldn’t discuss the sale of the house, which he put on the market on the 8th. It listed for $350K, less than half the market value of $747K, and sold the same day for an undisclosed price. Nor will Vick even respond to the chance to proclaim his innocence, as he did shortly after the property was raided by investigators two weeks ago.

Seems the more he tries to distance himself, the more information comes to light. Looks to me like the dam has broken an no little patch job is going to save him this time!

Read about the original dogfighting story here and you can see some of the other problems Vick has been running into here! Makes ya wonder what new and enlightening information is going to come to light next?! Maybe he’s not proclaiming his innocence so loudly now because it’s going to be harder to back it up??

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