GeorgiaBest Friends Society trainer, John Gargia, and one of the pitbulls rescued from Michael Vick, Georgia, will be guests on The Ellen Show today. Ellen DeGeneres, a supporter of Best Friends has been talking about doing a show featuring them for a while and today is it.

“It’s always gratifying to see our work recognized by the general public,” said Polis. “We say Michael Vick is the best thing that ever happened to pit bulls by bringing recognition to how the breed has been maligned and shines a light on the widespread problem of dogs trained for combat, something Best Friends continues to fight against.”

Georgia is one the the 22 dogs that Best Friends took in with the hope of rehabilitation and eventual adoption. She had been used as a ‘bait dog.’ She was covered in scars, he tail had been broken in a number of place, all of her teeth had been removed and she was extremely fearful, cowering whenever anyone got near her.

With love, determination and training, Georgia is now a completely different dog, a wonderful example of the amazing transformation taking place for these dogs at Best Friends. She is now a wonderful family dog, confident, playful, loyal and trusting.

So to see a story that I am sure will touch hearts, be sure to check out The Ellen Show today.

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