Update 10/2/09 – How’s Trooper? Update on Abused Dumpster Pitbull

This little pitbull girl, dubbed Trooper by those involved in her rescue, is one of the sad, innocent victims of dogfighting.  Found last Friday in a dumpster wrapped in a plastic bag sealed with duct tape, she refused to give up and even severely injured,  managed to chew a hole in her plastic prison big enough to poke her head out.

A woman disposing of trash in the Washington DC dumpster at her apartment on 4220 block of 9th Street Southeast opened the door and saw the bloodied head of the dog looking out at her. Another resident showed up to help her.

“He was in a bag at first,” said Leroy Robinson. “And he came out of the bag and stuck his head out of the door as if he was trying to get out of the trash can door, but he couldn’t get out.”

The good Samaritans called the Washington Humane Society and Officer Eve Russell was nearby when the call came in and went to the scene immediately to lend help help to the desperate little survivor. She believes that whoever bagged, taped and dumped the dog probably believed she was already or close to dead and just wanted to dispose of “trash.”

“It was one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen,” said Officer Russell. “She was covered in flies. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe anybody would do that. That’s why we named her Trooper. She wanted to get out– she did not want to be in that bag anymore.”

As Officer Russell was releasing Trooper from the bag, the dog actually leaned against her and managed to wag her tail a little. Even after the hell she had been through, she was ready to trust again.

Trooper was rushed to Friendship Hospital for Animals in Northwest DC where she underwent treatment and was in the intensive care unit for a couple of days. They believe she will pull through.

“She’s probably one of the worst I’ve personally ever seen,” said Dr. Ashley Hughes. “She was in a lot of pain. We immediately started her on some IV fluids to sustain her and put her on some pain medication.”

Now the Humane Society want to know who was responsible for tossing away this little girl like trash and Officer has plastered the area with Reward fliers.

It still amazes me when I see people trying to defend dogfighting as if it’s a legitimate sport. They compare it to prize fighting and other violent sports that people engage in. How can they possible look at the victims and find anything defensible? How can they not understand that in sports that people engage in, they have a choice whereas in dogfighting, these dog have no choice! It’s kill or be killed and even for dogs that fight their heart out, who come out on the losing end, a cruel heartless death is often their only reward.

I would love to see whoever did this caught and punished and although $1000 is quite a bit of money for you average person, the reward pales in comparison to some of the “purses” in some dogfights. Maybe not in inner city Washington DC but time will tell if the reward loosens an tongues. I have serious doubts. 🙁

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