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Videotaped Dog Abuser, Yvette Tapia, Gets Probation

Yvette Tapia caught on tape abusing dogYvette Tapia, who was videotaped by a neighbor in July as she kicked, dragged, yanked and tossed her newly adopted little dog, Buddy, had been charged with one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty. Now she got a plea bargain and a slap on the wrist. Unbelievable! Caught on tape abusing a little puppy and she gets probation!

Tapia was sentenced to one year of supervised probation, will have to do 100 hours of community service, has to pay $640 in restitution to a rescue group that has been caring for Buddy and cannot own an animal while she is on probation. Oh, and the community service is to be at the Valencia County Animal Shelter.

Now that’s just great! This woman who has shown a propensity for abusing animals will work around them. Who is supposed to be being punished, her or the poor animals at the shelter? Whose to say that she won’t take out her anger and frustration on some innocent and defenseless animal there? I mean, would you let someone who was convicted of child abuse work in a daycare center?

After the videotape came to light, Tapia was laid off from her nice cushy job as a secretary in Albuquerque City Hall. After they investigated the incident, I guess they just looked at the tape, she was fired from her job.

I don’t really understand why the State of NM even offered her a plea bargain considering the evidence they had on tape and just based on that, they could have done much better when it comes to sentencing. Guess I’m not really surprised, this is pretty much the way most animal abuse cases go.

At least her dogs have been removed and are doing fine and away from this piece of trash they will have a chance to be adopted by a family who will really love them.


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