Amy DowningThis happy, smiling face belongs to Amy Downing, a Columbus, OH woman who is wanted by authorities to face 52 animal cruelty related charges after dozens of dogs and cats were found living in deplorable conditions her filthy home on Latonia Drive earlier this summer.

The dogs and cats were found jammed into cages so small that they had to live crouched down and on top of one another.  They were sick and emaciated, many of in them is such bad condition that 13 of them had to be euthanized!

Amy Downing dog“The stench was absolutely overwhelming when the humane officers arrived,” said assistant city prosecutor Bill Hedrick.

And now authorities are appealing to the public to find this trash and get it off the streets and hopefully behind bars where it belongs!

Look at that face, she looks anything but underfed and look at the picture of that poor dog, starved skinny and stuck in that cage far too small for her with only a ratty rug for any kind of comfort!

With as little faith as I have for the justice system any more, I wonder how low they’ll plea those charges down and what kind of an actual sentence she’ll get when she’s eventually caught?

Amy Downing dog1Honestly, I get tired of people saying that we need to teach and educate and that animal abuser need “help” and counseling.  That they have problems and need compassion. Bullshit!! What some of these people need is a taste of their own medicine and then they can see if they like what they dished out to these innocent, voiceless victims! Thirteen animals dead because of this heartless piece of trash and she’ll most likely walk away from this with, maybe, if we’re really lucky, a few days jail time but probably probation, fines, maybe community service.

Look at that dog’s desperate, pleading eyes!!

I saw let’s keep and eye on this one and when she’s found, let them know that she need to be punished to the max that the law allows. The dogs and cat she kept in her own personal concentration camp received no plea bargains or reprieves and many died. People, if you can call them that, like this need to be made an example of to show others out there that we’re not going to stand for this anymore!!

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