I’ve written quite a number of times on puppy scams and scammers. For people who get taken in by these thieves, the damage and loss goes beyond just monetary. Think of the heartbreak for the person who is excited and looking forward to their new puppy; again and again they’re requested to send money and more money for something they’ll never receive.

Scammers work in a variety of ways, mostly through advertisements, internet and email. Yesterday I got yet another one of these emails and I wanted to post it as a warning. Scammers usually always use ‘free’ email addresses and have some kind of a ‘sob story’ to play on your heart. Death or religion are two of the biggest ones. Often the language and grammar are poor as if English is not their native language and they tend to be overly effusive. They often offer puppies, mostly small breed, for sale or adoption, for free or very much below what is the ‘going price’ for these breeds of puppies.

Below is the email I received;

Puppy Scammer Email

Puppy Scammer Email

Bottom line, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Do yourself a favor, ignore emails like this!! They are not legitimate!!

If you are looking to add a furry family member, try your local shelter or rescue, there are so many companion animals that are desperately in need of homes.

For more information on scams, just do a search right here on my site and you will see quite a number of articles.

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