Washington state has finally stepped up to the plate when it comes to finally setting some standards for commercial dog breeders.  Prior to this bill, there were basically no regulations in place that would oversee the conditions in breeding facilities as made obvious by the recent Snohomish and Skagit county puppy mill raids. Hundreds and hundreds of dogs were seized, many of them is such bad condition they had to be euthanized.

The Washington state Legislature passed a bill this week that will crack down on breeders and regulates everything from the number of adult intact dogs a breeder can have to exercise requirements.

The bill prohibits breeders from possessing more than 50 non-neutered dogs older than 6 months at one time. It sets standards for kennel size, exercise and sanitary conditions.

The bill’s language is a clarion call for basic humane treatment of dogs. Breeders will have to provide clean food and water, keep cages clean and allow dogs to leave their cages for at least an hour a day. Violators could be charged with a gross misdemeanor. (Seattle Times)

Now the bill heads to the Governor’s desk where it is expected to be quickly signed into law!

Another step in the right direction.

I am tired of hearing breeders  and breeder organizations whine that they don’t need additional regulations. If more oversight wasn’t necessary, there wouldn’t be so many problems. These abused and neglected dogs cannot speak for themselves so someone must step up and speak out for them.

I am not a fan of big government or government interference into every part of a person’s life but I am much less a fan of innocents being abused for the sake of some money hungry SOB wanting to fill their pockets on the backs and bodies of abused innocent animals. Companion animals are not disposable! They are not a cash crop! And if breeders cannot regulate themselves and provide the basic humane care then someone needs to step in and force them to do so.

Finally more and more states are recognizing the need for regulations and are working to make changes, even against fierce opposition.  I applaud them and suggest each and every person to support these changes, to contact legislators and let them know that we will speak for those innocents who cannot speak for themselves.  We are their voices!  Don’t sit back and just expect change to happen, we must support it and make it happen!

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