First, I’d like to welcome you to my blog, For the Love of the Dog. Obviously I’ll be posting pretty much anything and everything regarding our loved canine companions. 😀

Next I’d like to introduce to my furbabies…

 We have my Jezzie, she’s a 4 yr old, liver and white, purebred English Spring Spaniel and the doggie love of my life!


Then we have my Bruti boy, a 3 yr old, black and white, purebred English Springer Spaniel.  He’s my rowdy boy, forever puppy and a sweet little lover!


These babies get along wonderfully together and are about as spoiled as as dogs can be!! 😀

Jezzie & Bruti

I hope you like meeting them and since they are my ‘babies’ you’ll hear more about them as time goes on.  My life is filled with “Jezzie & Bruti stories’ and I welcome you to share your stories and your ‘babies’ with me too!

 So ‘woof’ from Jezz and Brut, till next time!!

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