Gwen Beberg and Ratchet Saturday was a day of reunion and joy for two dear to our hearts here, Ratchet and Gwen Beberg.  Finally they are together again, after trials and tribulations, separated by time and distance, Ratchet was there to greet Gwen Beberg when she arrived home Saturday and the bond that formed months ago has been reformed as if they were never apart.

Around 1 p.m. Saturday, Specialist Gwen Beberg walked through the doors at the VFW, and she was greeted by more than 100 people. She was also greeted by one tail-wagging dog.

After a hug for her mom, Gwen’s attention turned to her furry friend, Ratchet, the dog she calls her “fuzzy little love” that always lifts her spirits, in a round of furry hugs and sloppy kisses.

“Hey, baby. Oh, you got so big — Oh, you got so big,” said the soldier to the pup. “Yeah, who’s home? Who’s home, huh?”

The crowd of friends, family and supporters gathered to welcome Gwen home and see her finally reunited with Ratchet.

“I wish every soldier in the world, past, present and future, came home to a welcome like this,” Gwen said.

“It is such a relief to be back home with him, knowing that he’s been safe this whole time and waiting on me to come,” Gwen said, as Ratchet sat near her feet.

Gwen Beberg and Ratchet“To have a good outcome, to have Ratchet and Gwen together, everything was worth it,” Gwen’s mom Pat said. “Amazing, absolutely astonishing that so many people came forward and wanted to help,” Gwen added.

“She hasn’t seen the dog since September of last year and of course, they had a close bond when they were over there, he was really her sanity saver,” her dad Ted said.

And what’s new for the duo? Well, looks like Gwen is going back to school, she’s already registered for classes at Northwestern Health Sciences University to study massage therapy.

And like she did in a warzone, Gwen Beberg will once again, lean on her best friend. “He was my own little personal comfort. Just fuzzy little love that I could go to anytime I felt down or lonely,” said Beberg. “As he got bigger I decided this was an animal I could not part from.”

Gwen still plans to train her furry friend to be a therapy dog. He’s already been wonderful therapy for her and will continue to be her staunch and steadfast support here as she gets back into “real life,” what better than to share that wonderful love with others? Beberg and Ratchet now plan to give back to the community that supported them.

“More people need to benefit from his love than just me,” said Beberg.

Congratulations Gwen and Ratchet!! It’s so wonderful that you are back together again. This is a story that has touched us all and this is a reunion we have been waiting for.

Gwen Beberg and Ratchet, Together Again

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