La Plata County Humane Society is looking for the person responsible for dumping this tiny, emaciated puppy in a trash bin on January 28 in Durango, CO.  As the flier mentions, he was found in a dumpster located behind Durango Natural Foods on College & 8th Avenue near 7th, dumped between the hours of 4pm and midnight.

Luckily for this sweet little guy, believed to be a dachshund mix and dubbed “Benjamin Button” because of his wizened looks and young age, he was found and taken to the shelter where he was immediately examined and cared for.  Not much more than skin and bones, it’s doubtful the little guy would have survived very long.

Now the humane society wants to find out who could do such a heartless thing, just toss this months old, starved tiny puppy away like trash!  Animal protection went out to the area and has posted fliers and on their FB page, the humane society is asking people if they want to help to get the word out – here is a link to the note.

For now, Benjamin is being cared for by a foster and is doing well.  When he’s recovered he’ll be up for adoption and have a chance to find a wonderful home with a loving family.  Hopefully there will also be justice in finding the waste of life who dumped this precious little guy.  Please help by getting the word out!!!!

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