Animal Cruelty graphicSix dogs poisoned, four dead and the reward for information is now up to $8500.

There were two incidents, each involving three dogs. The first on October 29 happened on Sunview Drive in the Browns Valley area, the second on November 3 at the home of a police officer.

On October 29, when Sheri Smith got home from work, she found her three dogs dead in her back yard and a box of snail bait. Greysha and CoCo were rescued greyhounds and Zoey, a shepherd/husky mix.

On Novenber 3, at Napa Police Officer Ryan Cole’s home, it was Rex and Rudy, both German Shepherds and Lily, a German shorthair puppy, and again snail bait was found. When Cole’s wife found the dogs, they were already having seizure and she rushed them to a vet.

Lily, the puppy, didn’t make it but both Rex, who is a K-9 officer, and Ruby, did although it was touch and go with 12-yr-old Ruby for a while.

In both cases, the tan, pellet-like snail bait was in cereal-size boxes and the tops were found open and it is logical to suspect the two cases are related.

The Napa Vally community has rallied and support has been incredible in these cruel tragedies.

“It’s just incredible the compassion and outpouring the Napa community has shown for the animals and families. I just can’t began to thank everyone enough,” Smith said. “This focuses both on the compassion people have and the tragedy of it all.”

“Everyone has been just great,” He said. “This reward states how our community comes together. This has been very emotional on all of us. Our pets are like family, they are with us 24/7. It was awful my wife had to find them, and we all are wondering who is this crazy person out there that’s poisoning innocent animals.”

But now it’s time to find the monster who so heinously ended the lives of these innocent and defenseless pets! The person responsible could face four felony counts of animal cruelty leading to death and a misdemeanor charge of attempting to injure or kill a police dog. The felony charge carries a three-year prison term.

Who know if these vicious games have ended or maybe this sicko will get tired of preying on pets and move up. Who know who the next targets may be?

Jane Albert, executive director of Napa Humane, said, “It is so important that we come together to find who has committed these crimes. These are serious offenses, which must not go unaddressed or unpunished.”

She has also urged pet owners to keep their pets indoors or kenneled to keep them safe and to be sure to inspect their yards before leaving their animals unattended. Even then they should check on their pets often.

People care and want the culprit caught and punished! On Nov. 3, the reward was $1,500, public donations boosted it to $4,500, then on Wednesday, Napa Humane teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States and Pet Food Express to pitch in another $4,000.

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