ButtersA small community east of Colorado Springs is wary and worried after at least five but possibly 10 dogs have been poisoned to death in recent days.   Residents believe that someone is tossing rat poison laced treats into their yards.

Saturday, one resident, Jessica Miller, lost two of her dogs, a miniature pincher and a lab, one of which was just a puppy. She says now she will have to keep her last dog in her home all the time for fear that she might lose him too.

That same day Chris Howerton noticed his dog Butters wasn’t doing well.

“I noticed he was being lethargic, couldn’t keep down water,” Howerton said.

Chris took Butters to a vet who found small amounts of rat poison in his system. Treated with Vitamin K, Butters survived his poisoning.

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is looking into this to decided whether to initiate an investigation.

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It sickens me that anyone cold do something so vicious and cruel just for kicks or perhaps because they don’t like dogs. Sadly, incidents like this are not isolated. Although it’s not uncommon for people to leave their dogs in their yards unattended, these dogs can easily become targets . In small close-knit communities you tend to think you’re safe, your family is safe, including your furry family members and that used to be the case. Not so much today.

Hopefully they will find out who poisoned and killed the dogs in the small community, hopefully there will be no more innocent victims. Death by rat poison is a painful cruel death!

Please look at this sad story as a warning to protect your pets, no matter where you live. Unattended dogs can easily become the target of an abuser. They can be poisoned, killed, stolen, anything you can think of. If you love your canine companion, don’t let them become a victim and a statistic!

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