BroncoBronco, an Red Heeler, has seen better days.  A few weeks ago, camping with his family in Hopkins, MI, he went missing.  Four days later he was found, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in the neck.  It seems someone had shot Bronco and left him for dead.  Amazingly, he survived and was found by a good Samaritan who noticed he was bleeding from the neck and holding his head funny.

Taken to Allegan Veterinary Clinic, they soon found out the torture he went through. Five close range gunshots to the neck. Bronco has a long road to recovery ahead of him and he’ll do it at Wishbone Pet Rescue. Bronco in now deaf and has nerve damage in his neck which causes him to keep his head turned at a 45 degree angle.

“He’s a great dog, and he’s going to make a wonderful family pet,” said Smith.

What kind of a sick POS wold shoot an innocent dog just for the fun of it? The Allegan County Sheriff’s Department wants to know says it is still investigating the abuse of Bronco and asks that anyone with information about the incident contact the Sheriff’s Department at 269-673-3899 or Silent Observer at 1-800-554-3633.

That poor baby! Thankfully, with all the horrors and cruelty, there are also good Samaritan who will take the time to stop, to go out of their way, who won’t leave a suffering dog just because they don’t have the time or don’t care. Luckily for Bronco, he will recover though he will always bear the scars and results from his encounter with some bastard with a gun.

Can we get this story out and help find out who did this? They’re probably out there bragging, showing off for friends, talking about the dog they used for target practice. These bullies love an audience. Someone will know something. Would love to bring this waste of human life down and make them pay for torturing and sweet innocent little dog!

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