Tortured DogMost of us can’t imagine doing something like this to a dog or to any living creature but unfortunately that doesn’t hold true for everyone. Too many people get their kicks and thrills out of hurting animals for one sick and twisted reason or another. Some hurt this poor dog and hurt her badly. She also has gougeTortured Dog - head wounds marks on her neck from a collar or rope or something like that being embedded into her skin as well as bite marks on her head. And authorities want to find out who did this!

Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s deputies found the dog wandering on Lafayette’s south side and took her to a shelter near Battle Ground.

Animal Control Officer April Keck says the veterinarian “confirmed it was a burn of some kind. Boiling water poured down over her back. The injury is the length of her back.” Officer Keck has her own ideas about what caused the burns. She says “lighter fluid, lit on fire. Very painful.”

Was dog fighting a factor? Crystal Creek Kennel’s Bernie Wulle points to what the vet called bite marks on the dog’s head.

“With her temperament she probably didn’t want to fight so this was either a way to get their kicks out mistreating the dog or just trying to get it to get aggressive so it would fight,” he said. We asked: Like the Vick case? He answered “Unfortunately that’s exactly what it is.”

Officer Keck says dog fighting could be involved or maybe just plain cruelty. Officer Keck says the year-old pit bull “is a very, very good girl. She’ll even lick your face after all of this. She still comes up for human affection and she is a total cuddle bug.” (WTHR)

If you know this sweet girl or have any idea who did this to her or any information at all, contact the Tippecanoe County Animal Control.

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