traciejordanAt a time when rescues are closing down and being forced closed, every available decent rescue is desperately needed to save dogs that would otherwise wound up on death row, especially certain breeds that are often quickly labeled dangerous.  In this case it’s the Rottweiler Rescue of Nebraska that’s coming under fire.  Tracie Jordan runs the rescue and takes in unwanted rotties from a five state area and the state is attempting to revoke her state kennel license.

“You can only take in so many strays before you exceed your capacity to care for them,” said state agriculture veterinarian Dr. John Boucher.

Tracie runs her rescue with the help of volunteers and readily shows pictures of the dogs being cared for and vetted as well as pictures of them with volunteers getting attention and love and new homes.

“It’s cleaned every day. It’s in good shape, good repair and if something is wrong we fix it,” says Tracie

The state says that some of the dogs are fly bitten and some of the kennels are too small, not clean and some of the dogs are tethered. There are approximately 55 dogs on the premises, 40 of them rotties.

If the kennel license is revoked, Boucher says in cases like this, dogs are given over the the humane society.

It could take up to a month before a ruling is handed down.

What I don’t understand is why the state is coming after a rescue that is doing the best it can, caring for and providing these dogs that would in many cases wound up killed when there are hundreds of puppy mills out there will a lot more than 50 dogs and you know the conditions are worse.

Nebraska is one of the states known as a puppy mill haven. Who’s out there inspecting those kennels and making sure all the “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed there? They allow them to run, with hundreds of dogs cramped into tiny cages, often horrific conditions and they go after a rescue, after a woman who is no doubt giving everything she has to save dogs. Does anyone aside from me see anything wrong with this picture? Could there possibly be a monetary motive here??

Look at the video, the dogs don’t look in poor shape or uncared for at all… Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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