Well for a change they’re not targeting the breed but rather the behavior with heavier fines and penalties. Most of the time a dogs behavior goes back to its training and breeding (not breed!) so for those who let their dogs get out of hand, they’ll be paying for it… out of pocket!!

Read more here from The Salt Lake Tribune

Cedar City ducks pit bull dog ban

By Mark Havnes
The Salt Lake Tribune

CEDAR CITY – Is it a devil dog or a lovable pet? The pit bull usually evokes passion of one extreme or the other in people, but on Wednesday night the Cedar City Council took a more neutral position.
In a 5-0 vote, the council denied a request by some residents to ban the dogs within city limits and, instead, toughened its current pet ordinance on how to deal with problem animals.
Mayor Gerald Sherratt said the issue heated up last summer when a petition was circulated in a city neighborhood where a girl was attacked by a pit bull.
“It went for the face and cut her up pretty badly,” said Sherratt. “The neighbors of the [dog’s] owner got up in arms.”
Under Wednesday’s change to the ordinance, problem dogs will now be labeled in one of three categories with matching fines.
If a dog is labeled aggressive, then an owner could be subject to a $500 fine. If a dog is deemed dangerous, a $700 fine would apply; if considered vicious, the owner would face a $1,000 fine.
The dollar amounts are significantly larger than previous fines.
Alisa Haller, who heads the southwestern Utah city’s animal control division, said the ordinance will help enforcement efforts of problem animals because higher fines will, they hope, compel pet owners to keep their animals in secured areas or to make sure they are muzzled.

I am personally very strongly against BSL in any way, shape or form and I applaud Cedar City for not adding to the problems and censures the bully breeds already face! 😀

People who have pets should be responsible for their behavior. It’s seldom a well cared for, well loved and trained dog will ever become a problem or nusiance, regardless of the breed!

So for all you bully owners and bully lovers out there… Go Bullies!!!! Yippee

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