Update 7/13/09 – Surveillance Video Shows the Truth, Walker County HS Lies Unveiled About Dog Killed – VIDEO

A few days ago I shared with you the heartbreaking story of Marcus Campbell and his sweet Boxer, Boost, that was killed a half hour after a couple dropped the dog off at the Walker County Humane Society. Boost had escaped from his yard and although collared, he had no tags so when the couple found him they did all they could. Unbelievable, within a half hour of being dropped of at the shelter, he was labeled aggressive and killed. Now the couple has come forward to dispute the shelter’s claims that Boost was acting aggressively.

Peggy Dunn and James Martin, neighbors of the dog’s owner, Marcus Campbell, said they had no problem getting “Boost” into a pet taxi provided by the agency on June 19.

“He didn’t fight or nothing,” Dunn said.

Martin said there was no reason for Boost to be euthanized.

“He was too friendly of a dog,’ Martin said.

However, Walker County Humane Society Director Lane Reno said the dog was acting in a hostile manner, behavior she said played a part in the decision to put the dog to sleep.

“The dog would not come out of the carrier so we had to use a capture pole. That is when he became aggressive.”

The couple, however, disputes this.

“They put a leash on him and he jumped out and walked right in the place,” Dunn said. “It was a regular leash.”

Martin said he watched every move the dog made once unloaded at the Humane Society. From his account, Boost showed no sign of aggression.

“When they took it (pet taxi) off the truck they took a little old leash and put it on him,” Martin said. “He got out of the box and they went inside, walked down the hallway around in the back and that was the last I saw of him.” (Mountain Eagle)

Peggy and Martin watched everything, they saw how Boost acted and responded and insist that he was not aggressive and there was no reason for him to be killed.

Reno of course says that dogs often act out and get aggressive at the shelter.

“Some of the friendliest dogs change their demeanor as soon as they get here,” Reno said. “They smell the smells and hear all the dogs barking and it scares them. It changes their mind about cooperating.”

Well if this dim-witted bitch knows this, and it’s not surprising that a dog, probably used to only love and gentle handling, being man-handled but a bunch of heartless dolts would get scared and act defensively, why would she find some way to give him time to calm down and get used to these new surroundings?

“Some of the friendliest dogs change their demeanor as soon as they get here,” Reno said. “They smell the smells and hear all the dogs barking and it scares them. It changes their mind about cooperating.”

Makes you wonder how many other family pets were mercilessly killed at this “humane society” doesn’t it? Actually since Campbell and Boost’s story has been publicized, Brett Wadsworth, Campbell’s lawyer, has gotten quite a number of calls from people sharing their own horror stories about Walker County Humane Society.

“We’ve had numerous calls since this has happened with similar stories,” Wadsworth said. “A lot of people said they quit donating to the Humane Society because of the way this place is run.”

Now Campbell and many others are calling for a complete overhaul of the Walker County Humane Society including getting rid of Reno and the whole heartless bunch there. Sounds to me like this is long overdue!

“I want to see a change in the way things are done there,” Campbell said. “I want an upgraded facility, if not a new one, and I want to see Mrs. Lane Reno gone and the supporting employees as well. None of them showed any class or heart or any compassion to me when I was standing there. They could have cared less. They don’t need to run that type of facility because they just don’t care.”

Please take a moment to support Marcus and sign the petition below!


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