alissa_amber_riddleA Dunkirk, IL woman, Alissa Amber Riddle, 20, 8608 W. Jay County Road 300-S, took out her anger on her former boyfriend by breaking into his rural Muncie home, picking up his puppy, a new born Labrador, and throwing into a wood table.

When police arrived, the tiny puppy was still alive and the owner was rushing to take it to a vet. Unfortunately there’s no word if the puppy survived the abuse.

Riddle was arrested on charge of cruelty to an animal, a Class A misdemeanor carrying a maximum one-year jail term and residential entry and possession of a controlled substance, both Class D felonies carrying maximum three-year sentences.

She was taken to jail and later released on $16k bail.

This is yet another case of a domestic partner taking out their anger and vengeance on an innocent. Too often retaliation in domestic problems will be directed against someone or something that one person loves and cherishes in an effort to dominate, control or extract vengeance. Animal abuse, child abuse and domestic abuse are all of a pattern that fits together iin a sick and twisted way. This woman could just as easily have vented her anger on a child rather than a tiny puppy.

Our judicial system needs to see, recognize and treat these crime with the seriousness they present. If she gets a slap on the wrist for the animal cruelty, who will be next vent her anger on? Animal abuse has to stop been seen as a crime against “just a dog” or a cat or animal, it needs to be seen as a crime against an innocent victim and a potential precursor to more violent crimes. These “slap on the wrist” sentences need to end!

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