See Update – 10/15/08 – Tapia Cuts a Deal, Get Probation

SEE UPDATE – 7/17/08Yvette Tapia caught on tape abusing dog

Talk about disturbing! A neighbor of Yvette Tapia, of Valencia County, NM, saw her abusing a newly adopted dog and decided to do something about it. The neighbor, vigilent with her video recorder, captured Tapia on videotape as she kicked, dragged, yanked and tossed the little dog in the air.

Tapia, who works at City Hall as a secretary in the legal department, is going to have a lot to answer for as the investigation continues.

In the video, Tapia is seen bringing out her garden hose to clean out her dog’s cage in the backyard.

The puppy moves from sitting underneath a chair to behind the house after Tapia spays the hose in his direction. She then picks up the dog and tosses him in the air.

The dog lands on the concrete.

Tapia was also seen dragging and yanking the puppy by his leash in the backyard.

A neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, videotaped the incidents from her house.

“I was absolutely appalled at the way that she treated the animal, so we decided to take some action to let people know that this was happening,” the neighbor said.

After seeing the tape, animal control officers took away both of Tapia’s dog.

Tapia was not at home or work when Eyewitness News 4 tried to get her side of the story.

But her boss said that he will look into the incident.

“As you know, the policy of the city is to deplore any kind of animal abuse and certainly if the person involved is a city employee we will look at the tape, look at the charges that are brought and do an internal investigation and take what administrative action we feel is appropriate and within our power,” said City Attorney Bob White.

Valencia County Animal Control officers say they’re reviewing the tape further to try and figure out how many counts Tapia could be charged with. (

If only these abusers could face as punishment the same treatment they doled out to these defenseless and innocent animals, now that would truly be justice!

Just see the video below for the actual images of the abuse.

WARNING – May be disturbing to some viewers

Yvette Tapia caught on tape abusing newly adopted dog

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