pet-policiesPryor is a happy, fun loving pitbull and an important part of Laura Pendleton’s family and life. He’s even got paperwork attesting to what a wonderful dog he is.

“He said he is an asset to society and he’s a loyal, fun-loving, neutered dog,” said Laura.

Unfortunately for this Milford, CT woman, she found out that no matter how sweet, wonderful or loving Pryor is, The Hartford Insurance Company was one of the now many insurance companies that are practicing their own breed discrimination. When Laura went to renew her home owner’s policy she didn’t think anything of filling out a questionnaire and stating the breed of Pryor as an American Staffordshire Terrier. Two days later she was denied a policy renewal.

“And I said American Staffordshire Terrier and two days later I got the renewal notice denied,” she said. “And the reason they gave was that he is an unacceptable mix.”

Contacted, a rep of The Hartford had this to say, “Initially my understanding is the was a terrier mix and that did not present a problem,” said Insurance Agent Don Burns. “And on a questionnaire, she indicated the dog was a Pitbull, but breed Pitbull which is going to cause a problem with just about every insurance company in the world.”

Many insurance companies are taking this stance and not only with pitbulls but with any bred that is considered a “dangerous breed” such a Rottweilers, Doberman Shepherds, German Shepherds, Chows, Akitas, wolf-hybrids and others.

At least in CT, one legislator is trying to make some changes and refuse to allow this breed discrimination by insurance companies.

“I think there is a way out of this and we are going to do this legislatively,” said State Senator Ed Myers.

His proposal would forbid insurance companies from denying homeowners insurance because of a specific breed and also allow them to get insurance at a higher premium if their dog has bitten someone before.

Breed discrimination must stop! Insurance companies already screw you one way or another. They take your money and in many cases you are required to have insurance, be it a home or vehicle policy, then they will fight any claim. And now another excuse to deny coverage or you can bet they will deny a claim if they decide they they don’t like the breed of dog you have.

People, companies and organizations need to stop discriminating against dogs based on breed. Most all dogs, regardless of breed, can be wonderful, loyal and loving companions if they are raised well, trained and socialized. We need to take a stand and stop supporting companies and politicians that support discrimination. It may start out as one breed today but who knows what it may be tomorrow?

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