mccollough_airThis woman, Rachel Wilson-McCollough, visits with her friends at a nice, outdoorsy place near the water and decides to drown their puppy.

Oh she is a real piece of work.  I have a lot of words to describe this uberwitch, but prudence demands I keep them to myself.

Rachel Wilson-McCollough of Medford, Oregon has been arrested and charged with aggravated animal abuse.  Witnesses say she held a 6-month-old puppy under water in the Chetco River drowning it.  Then pinned the puppy under water with rocks.  The puppy didn’t belong to her.  It belonged to her friends.

A lot of these witnesses called the police.  But when police got there she was gone.  Witnesses gave the dead puppy to the police officer, who turned it over to its owners.

The police spent more than a week trying to locate her.  She was arrested on August 20th and jailed.

Bail was originally set at $25,000, but had been reduced to $7,500. The district attorney’s office filed charges of animal abuse.  Not the aggravated animal abuse she was originally booked for. The charges could have been reduced because the sheriff’s office had not finished its investigation.  But the charges can be upgraded once the final report is submitted.  The sheriff’s office had no explanation on why bail was reduced.  They don’t seem real pleased with that.

And nobody has any idea what motivated Rachel Wilson-McCollough to do this.

This is disgusting.  If she’s going to do that to a friends pet, what the hell is she capable of with animals in her own home.  I hope she has no pets or children.   She drowns her friends puppy, AND making sure she did the job right, she weighs the poor thing down underwater with rocks.  Not only does this woman seem mentally unstable, she’s a complete waste of oxygen.  Time to clear the air.

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