Elizabeth_Carver_mugGot us another real winner here my friends!  This is Elizabeth Carver of Savannah, GA.  When she moved out of a house she was renting, she left two little dogs locked in a storage room and let them starve to death.

When the landlord was cleaning the house on October 2, he found the dogs locked in and dead. Authorities believe the dogs, possibly a Yorkie and Shih Tzu had been dead for about a month by then.

“The landlord advised when she got there, the shed or the door to the storage room was locked. She was unable to get in, so apparently the animals died from dehydration and starvation itself,” said Star Cpl. George Smith with the Savannah-Chatham police.

Carver was arrested and charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty.

Carver’s attorney told the court last Thursday when she made her first appearance that she’s moved out some time ago and that the dogs didn’t belong to her. A police officer told the court that even though Carver moved out, she’d been back and forth to the property initially and had assumed care for the dogs which may have been strays as one time.

Carver’s next hearing is October 20th.

Why the hell does someone take in two dogs, if they were strays, care for them for a little while then lock them in a closet and let them suffer and starve to death?  This is completely inexcusable!!  If she didn’t want them she should have taken them to a shelter!  Dog food is not that expensive and she sure doesn’t look like she’s missed any meal herself.

Sick bitch! Just keep her locked up and put her on short rations and see how she likes it! That’s still better than what those poor dogs suffered.  Closed in the dark, no food or water, no chance of rescue because no one even knew they were there.  You can imagine as the days passed, every sound they heard they hoped for release from their prison, for release from their pain and suffering but it never came.  What they probably thought of as a rescue, if they were indeed strays,  turned into a hell of suffering and death!

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