Mumble, missing dogCan you imagine the horror of your dog going missing and in your search you find that your beloved furry family member is being sold on Craigslist?  Sarah Catano, Pueblo, CO, know exactly how it feels!

When Sarah was going out of town she asked her brother to watch Mumble, her dog.  On Saturday morning her brother told her that he didn’t know where the dog was, that he’d gone missing. The search was on!

For several days Sarah posted information on social media sites and asked her friends to keep an eye out for Mumble and one friend offered her a great suggestion, that she look on Craigslist.

“Someone told me to look on Craigslist, and I did. It was the first ad. It said ‘border collie mix,’ and I knew right away that it was my dog,” said Catano.

Craigslist Ad for Dog

The ad listed a border collie-mix named “Jake” that was in need to a new home and was asking for $100 as a “rehoming” fee.

Catano contacted the Craigslist poster and told them that the dog they had listed as “Jake” was actually her dog, Mumble, and requested that her dog be returned.  She didn’t get a response.  Then her friend started an email campaign as well until the poster finally gave up their address.  On Monday the Pueblo Police rescued Mumble and reunited him with Catano.


And because Catano said she was just happy to have Mumble back, she decided not to press charges… luckily for that Craigslist poster… and in this case, lucky for Sarah and Mumble too.


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