On January 17, Bristol, CT, animal control was called about a dog starved in a cage. The dog was locked in a cage inside a garage, bowls of food and frozen water just outside the cage, inside the cage was a bowl filled with feces and another completely empty. Feces and urine covered the inside of the cage and the dog.

Ownership of the dog was eventually traced to Jessica Watson, 31, of 54 Burnham St. The male pitbull belonged to her but was living in a garage belonging to a neighbor. She told police that the dog was too ‘high strung’ to be kept in the house with a child although she did have another dog that was in the house.

Watson told police she fed the dog just several days earlier but when asked why she didn’t place the food and water where the dog could reach it, she just uncaringly shrugged her shoulders.

Such a hard, cruel death that dog suffered, freezing cold, starving, dehydrated and she just didn’t care.

When police were trying to track her her down after the man who owned the garage and another neighbor identified her as the owner of the starved dog, she didn’t make things easy, refusing them entrance to her home to check on her other dog. When contacted by phone she refused to talk to animal control but did inform them that her uncle was a police sergeant with the Southington Police Department.

She was charged with animal cruelty, an unclassified misdemeanor with fines ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 and sentences ranging from one to 10 years as well as failure to comply with dog ownership requirements and failure to get a rabies vaccination after she was arrested on February 27.

Now, after all of this, Watson actually had the audacity to apply for an accelerated rehabilitation program, which would have sidestepped prosecution and erased the charge from her record if completed successfully.

Thursday she was denied her application and will have to face court, her next appearance is September 5.

This is one of the cruelest crimes that anyone can commit. The slow, painful starvation, shuttered in the cold and dark, no one around, no surcease from the pain and loneliness. People who can do something like this need to suffer and never will a sentence handed down be harsh enough for what they did!

Bristol Press

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