Buddy, the puppy that Yvette Tapia was videotaped abusing

See Update – 10/15/08 – Tapia Cuts a Deal, Get Probation

UPDATE – 8/17/08 – Tapia Fired

Yvette Tapia of Albuquerque, MN, who was videotaped by her neighbor as she kicked, dragged, yanked and tossed her adopted puppy in the air was put on paid administrative. Employed as a secretary in the legal department at City Hall, when she went to work on Wednesday, she was asked to leave.Yvette Tapia caught on tape abusing dog

I know that many, if not most of us, who watched the video, believes she should have been summarily fired from her cushy city job but proper steps need to be taken so this is not another case like that of trooper Charles Jones who was fired after he was videotaped abusing his K-9 partner. If you recall a judge recommended that he be reinstated because proper procedure had not been followed. Personally I don’t necessarily agree and feel that abuse speaks for itself but….

The abused puppy, Buddy, a 4 month old lab mix that she adopted in May, is now safe at Valencia County animal shelter. More than 100 calls have been received at the shelter from people asking how the puppy is doing and wanting to adopt him.

Currently the city of Albuquerque is conducting its own investigation while Tapia is on paid administrative leave. In the meantime, animal control officers charged Tapia with one count of animal cruelty, a misdemeanor that is punishable by up to one year in jail and a $500 fine. A judge could make this a felony carrying a stiffer sentence, but that will be up to the courts to decide.

For now buddy will remain at the shelter until the outcome of the case. If Tapia is found guilty, he should be able to be adopted again and hopefully this time with better results!

Yvette Tapia On Paid Administrative Leave

UPDATE 8/17/08

This update is a little late in coming but I just got the heads-up on the info. Thanks Andrea!

Looks like the Yvette Tapia was fired from her job because of this. It’s a good start. Like to see her punishment be more than that though. She is still facing animal cruelty charges.

A Valencia County woman who was videotaped by a neighbor dragging, kicking and throwing a small puppy has been fired from her job at Albuquerque’s city hall.

Yvette Tapia had been employed as an assistant in the city attorney’s office.

City officials say that the city attorney’s office handles many cases of animal abuse and it looks bad to have an employee in the department who has been charged with the same crime.

The puppy, named Buddy, was taken by Valencia County animal control authorities.

After Eyewitness News 4 aired the videotape of Tapia dragging and throwing the pup, more than 100 people contacted the Valencia County shelter expressing interest in adopting Buddy. (KOB.com)

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