Puppy abuse caught on tapeMore and more crimes are being captured on videotape today and the criminals are literally ‘caught in the act’ with no defense. Technology again comes to the ‘rescue’ when a woman suspects something is wrong with her puppy.

A Cleveland woman, Kizzy Hughes, was worried about her 4 month-old pitbull puppy, Lady. Everyday when she came home, Lady was terrified and skittish so Kizzy decided to set up a video camera to see what went on when she wasn’t home.

What she found when she viewed the resulting videotape sent her to the phone for the police. Her ex-boyfriend, 35 year-old Michael Brooks, had been coming into her home and abusing her puppy, Lady.

The video showed him coming in and kicking the puppy and when she fled behind a chair to hide he taunted her. He came back twice more to taunt the terrified puppy. No wonder Lady was acting the way she did when Kizzy came home.

“He’s lucky that I called the police instead of setting him up, coming back to my house and doing something to him,” Kizzy Hughes said.

Hughes turned the video over to the Animal Protective League and Brooks was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Initially denying any wrongdoing, he pleaded ‘no contest’ when confronted with the undeniable evidence of the videotape.

On Thursday, Brooks was sentenced by a Cleveland Municipal Court Judge to up to 180 days in jail and he must undergo psychiatric counseling.

Lady is recovered from her abuse at the hands of this bastard but is still skittish and terrified around anyone who looks like Brooks.

If I saw something like that, someone viciously abusing one of my babies, I’m not entirely sure I would have had the restraint to not do anything to them before I turned the evidence over to the police.

A man who would do something like this wouldn’t think twice about inflicting abuse on anyone who was defenseless. And to be so sneaky and sly, nothing but a bully to boot!

Puppy Abuse Caught on Tape

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