These two young boys pictured here are Alphonzo Harris and Gregory McDonald and they are only 10 and 12-years old. They’re also both facing felony charges for animal cruelty, dog fighting and baiting and they’re blaming getting into dog fighting because they’ve seen videos on YouTube.

The Orange County, FL Sheriff’s department responded to a report from a business that he was sick of seeing two young boy fighting dogs at a home on Hupple Avenue and that he’s found a dead pitbull thrown on or buried on his property.

When deputies when to the house, Latosha Harris answered the door and was informed that they were responding to a call about dog fighting and a dead dog. This was obviously not something new to her, even though her son was only 10-years-old.

“The deputies who responded to the scene and got into this investigation were really taken back when they learned their suspects were 10 and 12 year old boys.”

Pushing him out the door, she said, “Alphonzo, you better not have buried them dogs back there. Take him and Greg to jail, they always having police come to my house and always stealing bikes and dogs.”


An Orange County Animal Services officer who arrived on the scene said they’d been there numerous times and as this was taking place and small pitbull puppy ran out of the house. Alphonso grabbed the puppy by the neck and began to beat it over the head until he was stopped by the deputy.

They also found a dead dog buried on the property as well as other dogs in bad shape, “They were malnourished, suffered from dehydration, and were in cages in an area that was infested with feces,” said Jim Solomons with the sheriff’s office.

Asked about the dead dog, one of the brother’s said, “When the dog stopped moving after they fought I put a knife to its stomach and that’s when blood started to come out.”

They initially tossed the dog over on a neighbor’s property but were caught so they buried it in a shallow grave. One of the boys grabbed a leash and started pulling on the dead buried dog.

When asked why, “They admitted they had seen that type of activity on Youtube and that apparently influenced their decision to become involved in it as well.”

Now I’ve written stories about kids abusing animals and it always leaves me about speechless but to see a mother knowing that her child is doing this then to toss them out the door… I am beyond outraged and cannot even put into word what I am feeling, thinking… I’m just going to leave it at this and let you all have at it!

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