On January 30 2009, Juan Daniels was sentenced to 9 years in prison for the horrific cruelty he inflicted on his family’s dog, now known as Louis Vuitton.  He was convicted of felony animal cruelty.  It was the longest sentence ever given for animal cruelty in the history of Alabama.  Juan Daniels chained, beat, and set his dog on fire because he wasn’t allowed to drive the family car.  He is now up for parole.  The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles will consider his case on August 24 2010. 

NO!  This man should not be allowed parole.   Eighteen months behind bars is way too short for someone who channeled a lifetime of anger and hate into horrific cruelty against the family pet.  Come on, if he is going to have that sort of reaction to being denied use of the family car, what’s going to happen when something else pisses him off.  He has a problem with authority – being told “NO” – and he shows it.  Violently. 

The Parole Board reads all letters sent to them concerning these cases.  They become a permanent part of the inmates file.  

This is a call for action.  Please write the parole board and ask he remain behind bars.  Be polite but firm.  He is not ready to be paroled.

The letters should be sent to:
The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
PO Box 302405, Montgomery, Alabama 36130
The letter should reference: “Juan Daniels, AIS#263875”

You can also email the following:

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And what is Louis Vuitton doing now?  Loving life.  He thankfully has no emotional scars, only physical ones.  But that hasn’t diminished his happy outlook on life.  Check out his YouTube Channel.  Only smiles for this boy now.

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