October is ‘Adopt a Shelter Dog Month’

Did you know…

That October is ‘Adopt a Shelter Dog Month’?

Spread the word and remember, when you adopt, you not only save the life you adopt but the life of the that there is now room for… oh, and let’s not forget that so often the one you rescue also rescues you… 🙂

adopt shelter pet

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Puppy DoeAfter Puppy Doe was found on August 31; beaten, burned, starved and tortured, a petition was begun to request that Craigslist remove their Pet section except for rescue and shelter groups which can screen applicants.  

Even though the petition has garnered more than 4ok signatures, Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster is declining to make any changes to it’s pet section.

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Update on Emaciated Doberman Pup

starving dogIn early September, this picture posted by 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida, of an emaciated doberman pup lying in the hot Florida sun went viral.  Hundreds and thousands of calls were placed to animal control, police, media and even local politicians to no avail.  Authorities wouldn’t remove the dog from the “owners” stating that no crime was being committed. Read the background HERE.

Finally, after the dog was removed and returned due to the law ,  due to an outstanding warrant, D’Anthony Davis was arrested and his wife was later arrested as well after causing a ruckus.  Both Dutchess, the emaciated doberman and another dog, a puppy named Diamond, were removed from the home. Read the rest of this entry

remember me thursday


Remember Me Thursday – Pet Adoption Awareness Campaign

Millions of shelter pets lose their lives each and every year. Join the awareness campaign – be a light for pets by promoting awareness about pet adoption. By remembering those we have lost, we can shine a light on the ones we can save.

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Over a week ago FTLTD shared the rescue of Cadence, the terribly abused sweet girl who gave mankind a second chance even though she’d known only cruelty at their hands.  At the end of the heartwarming and touching video, you see another big pitbull, a male, playing with Cadence.  He’s introduced as Chance with an update on his rescue coming… well, here is it… a second chance for Chance, so fearful of humans that he didn’t want to take a chance on Eldad Hagar and Annie Hart.  But they weren’t giving up on him! Read the rest of this entry

A Pile of Leaves and a Husky = Fun! VIDEO

Husky in leaves What do you get when you add a Siberian Husky to a huge pile of fall leaves… a ton of fun and laughs! Read the rest of this entry

Puppy Doe beforeDubbed “Puppy Doe,” the reports of the torture endured by this young pitbull defy imagination.  Once a beloved family dog, forced by BSL to “get rid” of the pitbull… there is no happy ending here… this poor dog’s only saving grace was euthanasia… in the truest meaning… a good death, relieving pain and suffering… and this poor dog endured pain and suffering in degrees most of us, thankfully, cannot even imagine.

This story is graphic and horrific, I do not want to tell it but it must be told, the monster must be found… but I urge you to stop now if you cannot handle this… it’s not for the weak… I am in tears and beyond sick to my heart and stomach to write this…

Of the person who originally had Puppy Doe, the story is not complete (NOTE – there is an update below).  It would be easy to heap blame and I would like to as well but we just don’t know all the details and a knee-jerk reaction accomplishes nothing.  All we know is that the sweet pup was once beloved until BSL… the landlord forced the pup’s owner to get rid of the dog  and because of that, this horror story unfolded. Adopted to a woman through a Craigslist ad… the end of the line for this sweet girl.  And the torture began…. Read the rest of this entry

Dumping Senior Dogs and Pets – A Rant

Senior DogEvery day my email and Facebook newsfeed are filled with sad little horror stories of dumped and abandoned dogs and it rips my heart out every time but what really gets to me the worst is the abandoned senior dogs and pets.  These dogs; 8, 10, 12, 15 years old and some even older… You look at their faces; muzzles silver and white and grey, eyes clear or clouded, seeing or blind or somewhere in between, but the one thing common on every one of those precious faces, and you can feel it, is the defeat, the sadness, the confusion.

These once beloved pets, from the tiny and frail little Chi’s and terriers and mixes to the medium and large dogs, some relatively healthy, some not so lucky; sick, arthritic, blind, deaf… you see these poor creatures lying on cold, hard concrete, scared and shaking.  They don’t understand what happened to them after years of faithful and loving companionship, they’ve been tossed aside like unwanted old shoes. Read the rest of this entry

Clayton Co GAWhen animals are being abused, you’re told to call animal control or the police but what do you do when they refuse to do anything?  This is the situation one animal advocate is running into in Clayton County, GA, and she sent me the video to show exactly what she is facing… Illegal breeding operations, injured, emaciated, scarred and sick dogs, and animal control refuses to remove the injured dogs or even cite the “owner” even though the landlord has also complained.

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The Canine Escape Artist – VIDEO

escape artistFor all of us with canine companions, there’ve been times when we’ve needed to keep them either out of a room or in a room for safety or security.  It’s not a big deal but what do you do when your little fur monster somehow manages to escape and you just can’t quite figure out how?  Well, you set up a camera of course and this is what one person found saw when they decided to figure out how their very small canine escape artist continued to get out of the kitchen… 

Sometimes they really are too smart for our good… LOL Read the rest of this entry

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