Dog Harnesses Fail Safety Tests

pet harnessHow sad is this… they tell you to restrain your dog, to harness them in as you would a child but when the harnesses were actually tested, many of them failed and failed dramatically! 

Even harnesses advertised as tested, failed.  Were they actually even tested?  Yup… just like they advertise, but what they don’t advertise, obviously, is that they failed the test!

There are reasons not to allow your dog to travel loose in a vehicle. According to, a 60-pound dog traveling at 35 miles per hour can turn into a 2,700-pound missile in an accident. A loose animal can distract a driver, causing a crash.  You also hear stories all the time about dogs thrown free and although they weren’t killed, they have been injured and then get lost. Read the rest of this entry

Best Day of My Life… Canine Style – VIDEO

best day

Ahhh… all dogs should have a wonderful life… as “man’s best friend,” we owe it to them to be their best friend too and looks like this cutie’s person knows that… Happy, happy, feel good… a day in the life…

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Dead Dog Halloween Prop… Sick, Sick, Sick!

dead dog prop

UPDATE – Well, looks like the publicity worked… not only have sellers pulled the item but from what I’ve heard, the manufacturer has also decided to cease production on this item!  We can make a difference!


UPDATE – Amazon has pulled this item but it’s still out there… see below

Can someone tell me what kind of a sick mind dreams up a dead, skinned, tire-marked dog on a chain to use as a Halloween prop?  Seriously…I mean, I know Halloween is a time to get weird and creepy but this is over the line and cannot promote anything positive in any way!

It was listed on the Walmart site but has been removed due, no doubt, to pressure and negative feedback but as of now, it is still being offered on Amazon.  It has over 200 one star negative reviews and I don’t believe it is long for even Amazon…

The product is described as;

Foam filled latex prop of a skinned dog with a large tire track squished through its mid torso. Chain attached for dragging purposes. You have seen bloody road kill, this is bloody road kill.

Here are just a few comments posted by others just as disgusted and outraged…

Are you really proposing that this is okay? A dead skinned dog with a tire track? Dog fighting and animal cruelty are major concerns to many Americans. Skinning and dragging is a common practice in dog fighting circles for lower performing (non fighting) dogs, and you are making a costume out of this practice. This is so far over the line you can’t even see the line anymore.


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A Boy, His Dog and a Miracle – VIDEO

Casper and CreedA boy and his dog… sounds like a normal childhood friendship. What could be more average and normal than a boy and his dog… but Creed was no ordinary boy and Casper was no ordinary dog. Creed, a spunky and lively boy, as much as he could be, was sick from the day he was born and Casper, a beautiful golden coated canine was a service dog with Canine Assistants and from the first, there was an immediate bond between the two.

Creed’s father Jon says, “I don’t think he ever saw Casper as a dog.”

Like and boy and dog, they became best friends with play time and cuddles and as much fun as they could fit in but one day Casper did more… he saved Creed’s life. Read the rest of this entry

Update on Dogs Seized from Dog Fighting Ring

dogfighting pupThis sweet face is just one of the dogs found during the raid a few weeks ago when almost 400 dogs were rescued from the second largest dog fighting ring in US history.  Only weeks old, this tiny puppy already wore a heavy weighted chain, many times heavier than he was,  common to dogs being trained for fighting and that chain would only get heavier and heavier as the pup grew to make him stronger.  Weighing only a few pounds, he was left in the scorching sun, part of the cruel and grueling training regime. Read the rest of this entry

pet pantryWhen it was time for a pair of freshman to decide on their Girl Scout Silver Award project, their love of animals led them in one direction, to do something to benefit needy pets.  14-Year-olds, Darcy McDowell and Hallory McBride, Troop 161, Goshen, NY, decided to do this because, as Darcy said, “Many people in our area have pets and when they can’t afford to feed them, they either give them up or just abandon them.”

For their Silver Award the girls have to do a project which has to be a community service, sustainable, provide leadership opportunities, and have a global aspect and this emcompasses all those aspects.  Both girls are handling different parts of the project and the community response has been very positive. Read the rest of this entry

marketingSometimes you need to think outside the box to accomplish something and sometimes when you do, what you can accomplish can be amazing!

Check out what one shelter did to make people see their adoptable dogs in a whole new way… Love it!

They look at the dogs and see some of the breeds and make each and every one a one of a kind, unique breed of dog.  Like this dog here… no longer just a “mutt”… this gorgeous specimen is now a “Chubby-tailed German Dobermauzer”… How’s that for creative and who wouldn’t want to be the proud pet parent to such an amazing one-of-a-kind…

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Hero Service Dog Saves Person During Colorado Flooding

Denver CulvertRonnie Webb, who is seeing-impaired, was walking his service dog around 8:30 a.m. near East 13th Avenue and Xenia Street when the two were sucked down a drainage culvert in northeast Denver.  Witnesses seeing the incident called for help and Denver officer, Del Creason, first on the scene, saw a dog near the water then heard yells for help.

That’s when the dog jumped in the water and both man and dog were suck into the deep into the drainage culvert, under 13th Avenue.  Luckily, Officer Creason knew the area and the layout of the drain tunnels and sped off the where he knew the two would be coming out. Read the rest of this entry

AsiaAsia, Shannon Torrez’s Sharpei Pitbull mix, had one puppy, Raider, and her mothering instinct was in high gear already so when Shannon brought in three abandoned kittens, just weeks old, Asia decided that they were going to be hers too.

“I got a call from a friend of mine that three kittens had been dropped off on her front porch in a little bucket and she didn’t know what to do with them. I went and picked them up, figuring I was going to have to bottle feed them for a little while before adopting them,” Shannon said. “When I got home Asia was kind of throwing a fit that I had the kittens and she wanted to see them. I put them up to her and she didn’t want to me to get them out of her sight.”

Although this may sound unusual to us, it’s actual quite common for abandoned babies to be mothered by another animal, even by a animal of a different species as we can see again and again and  this mothering instinct isn’t just confined to caring for other animals, in this story a nursing mother dog even rescued a newborn child she found that needed care. Read the rest of this entry

Saving Cadence – The Amazing Trust of an Abused Dog

CadenceYou can see by Cadence’s face, she’s had it rough, most likely used as a bait dog.  She’s wounded, injured an in pain but amazingly, when a hand is reached out to her she accepts it.  Not only is she being rescued from hell and being given another chance, Cadence, this sweet and beautiful girl, is giving mankind another chance… if this trust doesn’t get to you, about bring you to tears… wow…

Eldad Hagar and Hope for Paws bring the miracle of love and rescue to a sweet innocent, abused dog so desperate for love that she’s willing to take a chance… Read the rest of this entry

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