Dog Hogtied and Abandoned, Then and Now

EncantoFour years ago, October of ’09, I did a story about a small dog tied up in a blue shirt, tied to a picnic table, totally helpless and scared. Unwrapped from the shirt, it was discovered that the pup had also been hogtied and was emaciated and dehydrated. No telling how long she’d laid there, abandoned and scared.

The sweet girl, then called Encanto after the park she was found at, was lucky.  She was found by someone who cared and placed her in the hands of a wonderful rescue and finally into the arms of her forever family.

Now, almost four years later, I received a wonderful update and some pictures that will make your heart sing with joy… Encanto, now Faith, is living the life as all dogs should but I’ll let her “mom,” Amy Nash, share her story since that horrific time… She was inspired to write after coming across the original post I did on her baby… Read the rest of this entry

Hero Dog Saves Baby from Abusive Babysitter

Jordan DogWhen the Charleston, SC couple, Benjamin and Hope Jordan, were looking for a sitter for their 7-month-old son, Finn, 22-year-old Alexis Kahn seemed perfect.  They even ran a background check on Kahn just to make sure, which came up clean.

If not for their canine family member’s protectiveness toward their  baby boy whenever the babysitter, Alexis Kahn, showed up, the Jordans may not have been put on alert and their son may still have been being abused.

All seemed to be going fine until about five months later when they noticed their dog’s attitude had changed dramatically toward Kahn.

“About five months into her being our baby sitter, we started to notice that our dog was very protective of our son when she would come in the door,” Jordan said. “He was very aggressive towards her and a few times we actually had to physically restrain our dog from going towards her.” Read the rest of this entry


Twelve years ago today America changed forever… it was a day that we will never and should never forget. Do you remember where you were, what you were doing that day? I know that I do. On that day, many fell, many lost their lives but it was also a day that many heroes rose from the flames and ashes…We salute them all! And many of those heroes had paws and fur and deserve as much honor and respect as all the heroes of that that day! God Bless you all… although you may pass from this mortal plain, your memories will live forever…

Here are just a few of the four-legged Heroes and a bit of their stories…



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Cracking Down on Internet Pet Sales

puppy millThe USDA is finally taking a stab at cracking down on internet pet sales by issuing new regulations that will require sellers to be federally licensed.  Those who breed more than four females and sell the puppies either online, by mail or over the phone will now be facing the same rules and regulations as wholesale breeders.  No, it’s not a perfect solution but it is a step in the right direction.

Puppy breeders, ie. millers, estimated to be as many as 4,500 or more, as well as those who sell other pets such as kitten and rabbits, have been skirting the laws by selling online and hundreds and thousands of animals continue to suffer with no oversight, nothing more than commodities used, abused and used up, then tossed away when they can no longer produce. Read the rest of this entry


They had only a sense of duty.

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recall joeys jerkyAnother day, another dog food/treat recall… This time it’s Joey’s Jerky Chicken Jerky Pet Treats due to Salmonella. A New Hampshire company is recalling a line of dog treats after three dozen people became sick.

The state public health department says Kritter’s Kitchen Kreations of Loudon is voluntarily recalling its Joey’s Jerky chicken jerky for pets due to possible Salmonella risk.  Joey’s Jerky is produced in New Hampshire and the manufacturer, Kritter’s Kitchen Kreations, LLC, has voluntarily recalled all of the product sold at the following six stores: America’s Pet in Hudson, Blue Seal in Bow, K9 Kaos in Dover, Osborne’s Agway in Concord, Sandy’s Pet Food Center in Concord, and The Yellow Dogs Barn in Barrington. Read the rest of this entry

A Dog’s Promise

Our canine companions make a promise, a commitment to us, by being a part of our lives… They promise to be there for us,to listen to us, to be our loving, loyal and devoted friend and companion. Don’t we owe them the same commitment  ’til the end…

a dogs promise Read the rest of this entry

Canny Canine Travels Genoa by Bus for Goodies

CamilloAs a pup, at only a year old, Camillo had already learned how to get on and off busses and now, at the wise old age of 12, he knows how to travel the city and where to stop to get the best goodies.  He will go to different shops for treats where workers know him, but he’s always home by the end of the day.  Now that’s one smart pooch!

“He’s intelligent…he doesn’t only use the bus alone, but also goes to the poulterer, to the port and a number of other places,” Camillo’s owner, Mrs. Lina, said. “He goes to the poultry shop to eat – he has his reference points! Shop owners give him ham and biscuits. He knows where to go to eat – but he doesn’t run our errands!”

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DarbyDog people know that small dogs can get nippy and any dog can react out of fear or anxiety.  This is something that anyone who handles dog should know and should know how to handle.  In this sad case, Rebecca Barbara, a groomer at the Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital, a supposed professional, threw a tiny, 8-lb Maltese across the room killing her, claiming she feared for her life.

Barbara Calhoun, 71, is devastated over the loss of her precious Darby, “I know that she’s not a child, but to us she was a child. She didn’t deserve anything like that. Our dog was the most precious thing to us. We have no children … she was such a sweet baby that she never did anything wrong.” Read the rest of this entry

pollyThis little dog, a sweet, 3-year-old girl, is Polly.  Polly is recovering from surgery to repair her face after she was shot point blank.  She was just getting settled in with a foster so she could recuperate and await further surgeries when she wa startled and and took off.  Now the hunt is on to find her. The area Polly went missing is in Calhoun, GA near 183 Barkley Drive, off Love bridge road, very close to Antioch Baptist Church.

Animal Rescue Foundation of Rome/Floyd County GA was contacted by Floyd County Animal Control officers on Monday August 27 about a dog picked up with a gunshot. The bullet went through the top of her snout and exited her bottom jaw. Polly required surgery to repair the damage to her jaw. All of her teeth were missing after the bullet caused her teeth to get blown out. Read the rest of this entry

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