LilithIn a not uncommon display of loyalty and protectiveness, this lovely pitbull, Lilith, panics when her person, Michael Ranne, Jr., jumps in the lake for a swim. You can hear her cry and whine as she frantically tries to get in the water to rescue her beloved person.  Such touching devotion, such heartwarming loyalty.

If humans had hearts like dogs… yes, this world would be a much better place…  Read the rest of this entry

Taking to the Air – Hannah’s Rescue Fight – VIDEO

Hannah PnPThis sweet, beautiful girl is Hannah and she’s had a bit of a rough start but now she’s getting a second chance, only thing is she needs to get to her new home in Maryland.  A MD State Trooper has decided that Hannah would make the perfect addition to his family and he awaits her arrival… To the rescue comes Pilots N Paws pilot, Scott Messinger!  

This is a “day in the life” of a rescue transport pilot for PnP… check out the reunion, Hannah and her trooper… what welcome!  <sniff, sniff>

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sarah silvermanIt doesn’t matter who you are; young or old, rich or poor, celebrity or everyday person, the loss of a beloved canine companion is heartbreaking and devastating.  You give them a piece of your heart, you love them often like a child and furry family member and when its time for them to go, it rips a part of you away.

To non-dog people, it’s almost impossible to explain…

Sarah Silverman; celeb, comedian and devoted dog lover, recently lost her beloved dog, Duck.  Duck, a chihuahua-pug mix, had been with her for 14 years, adopted when he was about 5, a precious part of her life and family.  And at 19, a wonderfully long life for a canine companion, it was Duck’s time… Read the rest of this entry

dog thrown in riverThis beautiful hound retriever mix is a very lucky dog today, lucky to be alive, that is, and now authorities want to know who would throw this dog into the Rogue River with a rock tied to his leg.  The incident happened on Aug. 26 ear the intersection of Warren Road and Outer Drive, Dearborn Heights.

River, as the pooch as been dubbed, was rescued by Dearborn Police officers after someone called in a tip about  dog struggling in the river.  Exhausted and muddy, the police turned the dog over to the Dearborn Animal Shelter.  The shelter is offering a $1000 reward for Read the rest of this entry

icpoochThanks to an invention by an enterprising… and dog loving… teen, you can now not only chat with your canine companion while you’re away, you can also pass out treats! Brooke Martin, an inspiring Spokane 9th grader, came up with the idea to help alleviate her own beloved canine companion’s separation anxiety.

“My dog Kayla suffered from separation anxiety, so I thought it would be really cool to be able to video chat with her while I was away from home to make sure she was OK,” Martin explains in an email to GeekWire. “The idea of delivering her a treat seemed liked it would really make her happy if I could figure out how to do it.”

The ingenious device, the iCPooch, an Internet-enabled device powered by a Raspberry Pi computer,  allows dog owners to video chat with their pups and automatically deliver a dog treat from wherever they are. Read the rest of this entry

A Rescuer’s Creed – VIDEO

rescuers creedA rescuer is a special breed… they dedicate themselves, their hearts, even to the last dollar in their pockets… they toil, they suffer, their heart breaks… they fight a never ending fight… and in the end, they may not be able to save them all but they make a difference… every day they make a difference… 

To all those who are going out today to save a life… who go out every day… you are blessed… you are respected… you are loved and cherished more than you know… For all those times you never hear it… Thank You! Thank You!  Thank You!

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“Dead Dog” Ad Puts Sneaker Company in Dog House

pearl izumi dead dog ad

Running shoe maker Pearl Izumi thought they’d be cute with a new ad campaign showing that you could run your dog into the ground with their new running shoes but all they did is piss off a bunch of dog lovers.  It didn’t take long for them to realize their error…

“Our approach was humorous, and some people didn’t see it that way,” said Geoff Shaffer, global marketing director at Pearl Izumi.  “There were clearly some people offended by it.”

The print ad says in part:

“This undeniable smoothness translates into less work for your legs, so you get into your zone faster and feel like you could stay there forever. Sure not everyone will appreciate your increased efficiency, but, ironically, not everyone was born to.”

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HoochHooch hasn’t been very lucky so far in his life, to put it mildly!  Found as a stray and taken to the Bakersfield Shelter in Bakersfield, CA, it was obvious the French Mastiff was in very rough shape.  His ears had been brutally hacked off, he was severely malnourished, suffered from a terrible Upper Respiratory Infection and had several lacerations around his mouth and what appeared to be a broken or dislocated jaw.  

Rescued by  Zach Skow of Marley’s Mutts and taken to  San Joaquin Vet for an examination, it didn’t take long to find out that Hooch had an even bigger problem.  When they were getting him ready for an x-ray they discovered that he had no tongue!

“His mouth didn’t have a tongue. Absolutely no tongue at all, not even a stump,” said Thomas J. Willis of San Joaquin Veterinary Hospital.

Yes, some monster in the guise of a human had removed Hooch’s tongue at the base.  For Hooch, this meant that he couldn’t eat or drink without help.  How he survived as a stray is anyone’s guess but the fact that he weighed only 55 lbs. for a adult Mastiff will tell you alot. It also means that he cannot regulate his temp by panting as a normal dog would.  Again, how he survived is a miracle! Read the rest of this entry

Dogs… A Privilege, Not a Right!

When people realize that “man’s best friend”… our canine companions… our beloved furbabies, are a privilege and not a right, perhaps the time will come when no one says they are “just a dog” anymore… We can hope…


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starving dog


9/27/13 – UPDATE Update on Emaciated Doberman – Check it out, this is a good one!

9/5/13 – UPDATE #3 – The dogs “owners” were arrested on unrelated charges and the dogs, both Dutchess and another puppy, have been removed from the home and are currently with Animal Control (see update from 100+ Team at bottom of page!)

9/4/13 – UPDATE #2! Although AC did remove the dog, she will be returned as she is considered nothing more than “property” by the law. She was vetted, treated for hookworm, vaccinated and will be returned to her “owners”… AC will keep an eye on her but that’s about it and no amount of phone calls is going to change things until the law is changed! (see update from 100+ Team at bottom of page!)

9/4/13 – UPDATE #1! This dog was finally removed from the Property by Animal control.. Your voices have been heard! (see update from 100+ Team at bottom of page!)

How can anyone see this horrifically sad dog; skeletal, emaciated, dehydrated, too weak to even move, left lying in the blazing Florida sun and heat, tethered by a huge, heavy chain, and do nothing? That is exactly what happened yesterday after authorities in Ft. Lauderdale refused to removed this poor dog from her owners.

After this picture was posted by 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida, it went viral on Facebook and hundreds and hundreds of calls were placed to authorities begging them to help this poor dog, calls to media to get some attention on this situation.  Dozens of people went to the property, 1636 NE 17th Ave Ft Lauderdale, waiting and hoping authorities would remove this obviously suffering pup.

They offered to help; to provide food for the pup, to take the dog, to get medical help, anything they could think of but the response from the “owner” was less than appreciative according to one person there…

“It’s a dog, get off my F-ing property.”

There is a statute under Florida law which allows; “Any law enforcement officer or any agent of any county of any county or of any society or association for the prevention of cruelty to animals appointed under the provisions of s. 828.03 may:

(a) Lawfully take custody of any animal found neglected or cruelly treated by removing the animal from its present location

And this very obviously looks like the case here.  How can anyone see this poor dog and not conclude that he’s been neglected and is being cruelly treated?

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