Do you ever come home and find out your pooch has done something wrong? I guess most of us have run into that situation. What do you do? Do you reprimand your dog? If you answered ‘yes’ to that, wrong! A dog cannot make the connection between your reprimand and something he did hours earlier.

Most dogs instinctively ‘look guilty’ when they are reprimanded, not because they realized they did something wrong but because they realize that you are angry or upset with them.

The only time to avert poor behavior is immediately. When you see your pooch avidly staring at the roast cooling on the counter, that’s when you let him know that is improper behavior. When you catch your pup rooting in the trash or digging in the yard, then you can let them know that they should not be doing that, not hours later when you come home to a trash strewn house or a hole dug halfway to China!

Don’t teach your dog to be afraid of you! Train him to avoid the behavior you find unacceptable, when you catch him ‘in the act’!Dog 21

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