Losing a pet is never an easy thing to have to deal with and for those who loved their pets as I know I do mine, the grieving process is a lingering pain.  Something that help, is creating a memorial for them.

Nowadays more and more people are opting to cremate their furbabies.  I have close friends that have went thru this recently and was told by one that keeping their baby’s ashes helped to ease the grieving.  By having that memorial close and knowing that they were alway with them, it helped.

Now, we all know about cremation and urns but until recently, to be honest, I never realized there were companies that make these special product specifically for pet.  I found one, Angels Ashes, that really surprised me.  You always think of urns as jars or somesuch but in looking over their website, I was amazed at the beautiful ways they memorial a beloved pet.

Now, this isn’t an easy subject to talk about when when you have a dear friend who hurts and you want to help, you do what you can.  My friend was grateful and I know there are other pet parents out there who have faced or will face this so I wanted to pass this along.

I hope to be able to keep my babies, Jezz and Brut, with me for a long time to come but when that time does come, I know that I have a way to keep them with me still, a special memorial.  Not only beautiful boxes,  but portrait urns, photo urns and even figurine urns.

It’s a tough thing to think about and nothing makes it easy but it will happen to all of us. Maybe knowing that when that time comes and your furbaby makes their journey to the Bridge, that you will always be able to have something special and unique to remember them always, will ease your heart as it did for my friend.

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